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EnviroGear® G Series Pumps Your Alternative to Viking® Internal Gear Pumps

When you expect more from your current gear pump, EnviroGear® G Series Internal Gear Pumps have you covered. As the high-quality, reliable alternatives to competitive models, G Series positive displacement gear pumps have the durability, flexibility and efficiency you need to safely and securely handle all your challenging fluid-handling applications. When it's time for an upgrade, replace your current pump worries with a durable, flexible and efficient solution that provides peace-of-mind performance backed by superior and experienced customer service and factory support.

Available Materials
  • Cast Iron
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
Max Temperature
  • 650°F (343°C)
  • 15 gpm to 500 gpm (3.4 m³/h to 113.6 m³/h)
Max Pressure
  • Cast Iron – 200 psi (13.8 bar)
  • Carbon Steel – 200 psi (13.8 bar)
  • Stainless Steel – 150 psi (10.3 bar)
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Competitor Pump Interchangeability

Interchangeable with up to 95% of the mechanically sealed, packed and seal-less internal gear pumps in use today, with no need for piping, driver, baseplate or coupling modications. G Series pumps are designed to be part-for-part replacements for many competitor pump models and are available in cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel.


Direct Replacement Part Interchangeability

G Series parts are designed to be direct replacements for Viking® H, HL, K, KK, L, LQ, LL, LS, Q and QS models. Available in cast iron, carbon steel and stainless steel construction. See our Cross Reference Guide.


Seal Chamber with Universal Design and Heavy-Duty Oversized Bearing Housing

An oversized bracket and seal chamber allows the use of numerous sealing technologies, including packing, mechanical seals and lip seals. The large cast-iron bearing housing allows the mechanical seals to be removed without the need to take the pump out of service.

1Pressure Relief Valve

Protects pump and seals in the event of excessive pressure.

2Head Screws

Securely fastens head to case.


Top end of pump that supports idler gear and one side of the rotor shaft assembly. Contains ports and mounting point for pressure relief valve. Heavy-duty construction for rugged use and long life.

4Head Gasket

Seals surface between case and head.


Central body casing of pump with inlet and outlet ports. Case can be rotated for multiple inlet/outlet and flow orientation.

6Idler Gear

Connected to and driven by the rotor/shaft assembly.

7Bracket Gasket

Seals surface between case and bracket.

8Rotor/Shaft Assembly

Consists of shaft and rotor gear, and drives idler gear. Can rotate in either direction to reverse pumping direction as required.


Pump frame with easy access mounting holes for bolting down pump at installation site. Durable construction for minimal vibration and long life.

10Bracket Screws

Securely attaches case to bracket.


Low cost substitute for seals; minimizes/controls leakage of rotor/shaft assembly.

12Mechanical Seal

Provides secure sealing around rotor/shaft assembly.

13Seal/Packing Gland

Securely houses seal or packing around rotor shaft.

14Gland Screws

Firmly attaches seal gland to bracket.

15Bearing Housing Assembly

Allows smooth, accurate rotation of rotor shaft assembly. Enlarged bearing housing provides easy access to shaft seal and single-point end-clearance adjustment for ease of maintenance and adjustability.

Envirogear G Series Pump

Specifications and Performance

Model Cast Iron Port Sizes² Carbon Steel Port Sizes¹ Stainless Steel Port Sizes¹
Threaded Flanged Threaded Flanged Threaded Flanged
1-1/2" NPT N/A N/A 1-1/2" ANSI N/A 1-1/2" ANSI
2" NPT N/A N/A 2" ANSI N/A 2" ANSI
G1-55 2" NPT 2-1/2" ANSI N/A 2-1/2" ANSI N/A 2-1/2" ANSI
G1-133 N/A 4" ANSI N/A 4" ANSI N/A 4" ANSI
G1-222 N/A 6" ANSI 180° N/A 6" ANSI 180° N/A 6" ANSI 180°

(1) Flanged connections meet Class 150# ANSI
(2) Flanged connections meet Class 125# ANSI
Note: All port orientations 90° unless specifically noted 180°

Model Cast Iron Carbon Steel Stainless Steel
RPM GPM (m³/h) RPM GPM (m³/h) RPM GPM (m³/h)
G1-2 1,750 15 (3.4) 1,750 15 (3.4) 1,150 10 (2.3)
G1-4 1,750 30 (6.8) 1,750 30 (6.8) 1,150 20 (4.5)
G1-24 780 75 (17.0) 780 75 (17.0) 520 50 (11.4)
G1-32 780 100 (22.7) 780 100 (22.7) 520 65 (14.8)
G1-55 640 135 (30.7) 640 135 (30.7) 420 90 (20.4)
G1-69 520 140 (31.8) 520 140 (31.8) 420 110 (25.0)
G1-82 640 200 (45.4) 640 200 (45.4) 520 160 (36.3)
G1-133 520 300 (68.1) 520 300 (68.1) 350 200 (45.4)
G1-222 520 500 (113.6) 520 500 (113.6) 350 320 (72.7)

Competitor Model Cross Reference

EnviroGear G Series EnviroGear E Series Viking® Tuthill® Gorman-Rupp®
G1-2 E1-2 H 015 GHS 1-1/2
G1-4 E1-4 HL 030 GHS 1-1/2
G1-24 E1-24 K 120 GHS 2
G1-32 E1-32 KK 130 GHS 2
G1-55 E1-55 L & LQ 200 GHS 2-1/2, 3
G1-69 E1-69 LL 210 GHS 3
G1-82 E1-82 LS 250 GHS 3
G1-133 E1-133 Q N/A GHS 4
G1-222 E1-222 QS 550 GHS 6

Note: See the EnviroGear Competitor Dimensional Comparison Guide for detailed dimensional information
Viking® is a registered trademark of Viking Pump, Inc., a unit of IDEX Corporation. Tuthill® is a registered trademark of Tuthill Corporation. Gorman-Rupp® is a registered trademark of Gorman-Rupp® Company.