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Blackmer® V Series Asphalt Pump V2-55 Blackmer® V Series Asphalt Pump V2-254 Blackmer® V Series Asphalt Pump V2-423 Blackmer® V Series Asphalt Pump V2-133

Blackmer® V Series Asphalt Pumps The Jacketed Gear Pump for Asphalt

Pumping asphalt presents unique challenges. Frequent changes to temperature and fluid characteristics demand a pump that is robust and adaptable. Blackmer V Series Asphalt Pumps overcome the challenges with unique internal gear pump design characteristics and get the job done when the competition fails. When safe, reliable, and economical operation is required, choose Blackmer V Series Asphalt Pumps.

Available Materials
  • Cast Iron
Max Temperature
  • 450°F (232°C)
  • 90 gpm to 450 gpm (20 m³/h to 102 m³/h)
Max Pressure
  • 100 psi (6.9 bar)
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The V Series Asphalt Pump innovative design includes a wide variety of new and standard-setting features that have established a series of industry firsts within the asphalt market.

Industry’s Largest Jacketed Surface Area

The V Series Internal Gear Asphalt Pumps feature up to 35% more jacket surface area than the competition, which improves system reliability by incorporating the following features:

  • The unique ability to utilize the jacketed head and pressure relief valve (PRV) simultaneously
  • Jacketing located behind the pump rotor, which removes a known cold spot that can result in hard startups and premature pump and seal failures
  • The industry’s largest jacketed surface area on the pump case and PRV that enables uniform heating whether using steam or hot oil

Image above represents typical jacket surface area of competitor asphalt pumps


V Series Asphalt Pump Jacketed Surface Area


Image above represents typical jacket surface area of competitor asphalt pumps


V Series Asphalt Pump Jacketed Surface Area


First Direct Replacement for Viking® 34 Series Pump & Parts

First drop-in replacement for the Viking® 34 Series asphalt pump. Replacing an existing Viking gear pump usually requires no modification to the piping, driver, baseplate or coupling, while also keeping flow rates unchanged. V Series components are also part-for-part interchangeable with the Viking 34 Series asphalt pump and offer very specific design enhancements to improve reliability. See our Cross Reference Guide.


Rotatable Flanges

Allows the operator to use both right-handed and left-handed flange orientations as needed without additional lead times or costs associated with left-hand configuration pumps.


High-Strength Ductile Iron Gear Material as Standard

High-strength ductile iron is V Series Asphalt Pump standard offering with other hardened material component options available to provide improved pump life:

  • Surface hardened case, head, rotor, idler and shaft
  • Special high-temperature hardened steel idler pin
  • Hardened cast iron idler bushing, RBS radial bushing, and stationary thrust washer

1Rotor Bearing Sleeve (RBS)

The Rotor Bearing Sleeve (RBS) and seal chamber is designed to accept a wide range of bushing options as well as sealing technologies such as packing, cartridge triple-lip seal, and cartridge mechanical seal.

2Rear Plate with Jacketing

Provides jacketing behind the rotor to eliminate cold spots

3Heavy-Internal Clearance Options

A wide range of internal clearance options are available, which allows optimal performance in a wide range of applications

4Hardened Idler Pin

Standard on all pump sizes for maximized operational life

5High-Strength Rotor Standard

High-strength, ductile iron rotor comes standard on all sizes, eliminating the need for costly, long lead-time steel rotors

6Jacketed Head with PRV

Jacketed head designed to incorporate an optional pressure relieve valve (PRV), offering pressure protection with improved head heating

7Seal/Packing Gland

Securely houses seal or packing around rotor shaft.

Envirogear V Series Pump

Specifications and Performance

Model Port Sizes¹ Pump Only
V2-55 2-1/2" ANSI 180 lb (82 kg)
V2-133 3" ANSI 350 lb (160 kg)
V2-254 4" ANSI 530 lb (240 kg)
V2-423 5" ANSI 750 lb (340 kg)

(1) Flanged connections meet Class 125# ANSI

Model RPM GPM (m³/h) Max Discharge Pressure PSIG (BAR)¹
V2-55 420 90 (20) 100 (6.9) > 20 cSt
V2-133 350 200 (45) 75 (5.2) > 20 cSt
V2-254 280 280 (64) 75 (5.2) > 20 cSt
V2-423 280 450 (102) 75 (5.2) > 20 cSt

(1) Maximum pressure listed reflects maximum differential pressure and maximum allowable working pressure

Competitor Model Cross Reference

Blackmer V Series Blackmer G Series Blackmer E Series Viking®
V2-55 G1-55 E1-55 LQ34
V2-133 G1-133 E1-133 Q34
V2-254 - - M34
V2-423 - - N34

Note: See the Blackmer Competitor Dimensional Comparison Guide for detailed dimensional information
Viking® is a registered trademark of Viking Pump, Inc., a unit of IDEX Corporation.