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Get in-depth information about Blackmer pump and compressor technologies while learning why our solutions are the ideal choice to help solve your most critical fluid-handling applications.

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Blackmer® is the leading global provider of innovative, high-quality sliding vane, centrifugal, screw and regenerative turbine pump, and reciprocating gas compressor technologies for the safe transfer of liquids and gases.

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Blackmer provides innovative product transfer solutions for many markets and applications, including in the chemical process, energy, transport, military & marine; general industrial, and oil & gas industries.

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TechnologyProduct LineModels
Sliding Vane PumpsCRL High SpeedCRLR1.25, CRL1.25, CRL1.5
Sliding Vane PumpsCRL2-8CRL2, CRL3, CRL4B, CRL8A
Sliding Vane PumpsGNXGNX2, GNX2.5, GNX3, GNX4, GNXH2, GNXH2.5, GNXH3, GNXH4
Sliding Vane PumpsHand Pumps210A, F210A, 414B, 807B, 828B, BRF210A, DPF210A
Sliding Vane PumpsHXLHXL6, HXL8, HXL10
Sliding Vane PumpsHXLJHXLJ8G
Sliding Vane PumpsLG1LGB1, LGB1P, LGF1, LGF1P
Sliding Vane PumpsLGRL1.25, LGL1.25, LGL1.5LGRL1.25, LGL1.25, LGL1.5
Sliding Vane PumpsLGLD2-4LGLD2, LGLD3, LGLD4
Sliding Vane PumpsTLGLFTLGLF3, TLGLF4
Sliding Vane PumpsLGL3021LGL3021
Sliding Vane PumpsLGL Autogas PumpsLGL156, LGL158, LGLH2
Sliding Vane PumpsMLNMLN4, MRLN4 
Sliding Vane PumpsMLXMLX4, MLXW4, MRLX4, MRLXW4
Sliding Vane PumpsNPNP1.5, NP2, NP3, NP4, NPH2, NPH2.5, NPH3, NPH4
Sliding Vane PumpsSGL2-4SGLD2, SGLD3, SGLD4, SGLWD3, SGLWD4
Sliding Vane PumpsSGL High SpeedSGLR1.25, SGL1.25, SGL1.5
Sliding Vane PumpsSMVPSMVP15, SMVP30, SMVP50, SMVP100, SMVP200, SMVP300
Sliding Vane PumpsSNP High SpeedSNP1.25, SNP1.5
Sliding Vane PumpsSNP2-3SNP2, SNP2.5, SNP3
Sliding Vane PumpsSTXSTX2, STX1220, STX3
Sliding Vane PumpsDEF PumpsSX1-DEF, STX2-DEF, STX1220-DEF, STX3-DEF
Regenerative Turbine PumpsRC20RC20
Regenerative Turbine PumpsRC25RC25
Regenerative Turbine PumpsRC40RC40
Screw PumpsTwin Screw PumpsS Series: 2HM, 2VM, 2HR, 2VR, 2HE, 2VE, 2HH, 2HC, 2H; NTG Series: 2LE, 2KE, 2LA, 2KA; 2MP Series: 2MPS-B, 2MPS-H, 2MP
Screw PumpsTriple Screw Pumps3N, 3M, 3PF
Gear PumpsGear PumpsE Series Magnetic Drive Gear Pumps
Gear PumpsGear PumpsG Series Internal Gear Pumps
Gear PumpsGear PumpsV Series Asphalt Pumps
Sliding Vane PumpsSXSX3
Sliding Vane PumpsTX/TXD/TXDITX1.5, TXD2, TXDI2, TXD2.5. TXDI2.5, TXD3, TXDI3, TX4, TXI4
Sliding Vane PumpsTX1200TXD1220, TXD1225, TXD1230
Sliding Vane PumpsTXV and TransMaxTXV2.5, TXV3, TX206, TX400
Sliding Vane PumpsTXHTXH3, TXH35
Sliding Vane PumpsX1XB1, XB1P, XF1, XF1P
Sliding Vane PumpsX/XHX2, XH2, X2.5, XH2.5, X3, XH3, X4, XH4
Sliding Vane PumpsXL High SpeedXRL1.25, XRLF1.25, XLF1.25, XLF1.5, XL1.25, XL1.5
Sliding Vane PumpsXL2-4XL2, XL3, XL4
Sliding Vane PumpsXLWXLW2, XLW3, XLW4
Sliding Vane PumpsDispensingTXU1.5, XU2
Sliding Vane PumpsMilitaryHXL8, HXL10, BHXL3, BXHL1.25, BXHL1.5, BHXL2, BHXL2.5, BHXL3, BHXL4 (Bronze), BHXL6 (Bronze),
Centrifugal PumpsFrame A/LD172x3-8, 3x4-8, 1x2-10, 1.5x3-10, 2x3-10, 3x4-10, 4x6-10, 1.5x3-13, 2x3-13, 3x4-13, 4x6-13
Centrifugal PumpsFrame M6x8-13, 8x10-13, 6x8-15, 8x10-15
Centrifugal PumpsFrame S1x1.5-6, 2x3-6, 1x1.5-8, 1.5x3-8
Centrifugal PumpsPower End ConversionsLD23 for Goulds 3196 ST(X), 3196MT(X), 3796 MT(X), 3196 XLT; LD18 for Durco Mark II Group I, Mark II / Mark III Group II
Centrifugal PumpsMetricFrame SD: 32x50-160, 32x50-200, 50x80-200
Reciprocating Gas CompressorsLB SeriesLB081, LB082, LB161, LB162, LB361, LB362, LB601, LB602, LB942, LB943
Reciprocating Gas CompressorsHD SeriesHD081, HD082, HD161, HD162, HD163, HD172, HD173, HDL172, HDL173, HD361, HD362, HD363, HDL361, HDL362, HDL363, HDL342, HDL343, HD372, HD373, HDL372, HDL373, HD602, HD603, HDL602, HDL603, HDL642, HDL643, HD612, HD613, HDL612, HDL613, HD942, HD943, HDL942, H
Reciprocating Gas CompressorsNG SeriesNG082, NGS082, NG162, NGS162, NG362, NGS362, NG602, NGS602, NG642, NGS642, NG942, NGS942, NG172, NGS172, NG372, NGS372, NG612, NGS612, NGH1013, NGS1013, NGS1023, NG610, NGS610, NGH1013, NGH1023