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Blackmer® is the leading global provider of innovative, high-quality sliding vane, centrifugal, screw and regenerative turbine pump, and reciprocating gas compressor technologies for the safe transfer of liquids and gases.

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Providing Innovative Product-Transfer Solutions for a Variety of Markets and Applications

Blackmer provides innovative product transfer solutions for many markets and applications, including in the chemical process, energy, transport, military & marine; general industrial, and oil & gas industries.

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Applications Engineering Support Team

Responsible for Technical Clarification and Support for Blackmer Products

Please direct general Application or Technical Support Questions to the Application Engineering HELP LINE 1-616-475-9340

Please submit quote requests for non-catalog/non-standard product to

Hours of Operation are from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST.
The Applications Engineering Support Team can be reached at 616-475-9340.


Mark Stubbs
Director of Customer Care and Application Engineering
T: 616-248-9201

Responsibility: Ensuring that distributor needs are met in a fast and accurate manner


Julie Lukaart
Compliance & Customer Care
T: 616-475-9334

Responsibility: Distributor Administration, Compliance, Shipping, and Customer Care.


Tor Larsen
Application Engineer
T: 616-475-9346

Primary Product Line Responsibility: System One Centrifugal, LB/HD Compressors

Secondary Product Line Responsibility: Vane-LPG/Industrial


Christopher Hordyk
Application Engineer
T: 616-475-9365

Primary Product Line Responsibility: Vane-LPG, LPG Ebsray Products

Secondary Product Line Responsibility: LB Compressors


Ashish Gupta
Application Engineer
T: 616-475-9367

Primary Product Line Responsibility: LB/HD Compressors

Secondary Product Line Responsibility: Vane-LPG/Industrial


Corey Jefferson
Application Technician
T: 616-475-9277

Primary Product Line Responsibility: Vane-Industrial

Secondary Product Line Responsibility: Vane-LPG, LB Compressors, LPG Ebsray Products

Cesar Gomez
Application Engineer
T: 616-248-9270

Primary Product Line Responsibility: Vane-LPG/Industrial, System One Centrifugal

Secondary Product Line Responsibility: LPG Ebsray