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The Original Compressor for Butane and Propane Solvent Recovery

Look behind the iconic black paint and skull logo on many solvent-recovery systems and you will find a blue Blackmer® LB082EC Series Reciprocating Gas Compressor. Used throughout the botanical-extraction industry, the first-to-market, with hundreds of installations, LB082EC Reciprocating Gas Compressor is the original and first choice in compressors for botanical extraction.

The UL-listed LB082EC Reciprocating Gas Compressor can play a vital role in every botanical plant oil-extraction system, extracting butane-propane solvent from material columns while producing a closed-loop system in which the butane-propane solvent can be reused in future extraction activities.

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Tech Features

Dimensions (approx.) Length 41″
Width 33″
Depth 50″
Weight 496 lbs
Shipping Weight 545 lbs
Compressor Oil-Free Piston, PTFE Seals
Displacement Min RPM CFM (m3/hr) 3.58 (6.1)
Max RPM CFM (m3/hr) 8.44 (14.3)
MAWP 350 PSIA (2,413 kpa)
Max. Discharge Temp. 350°F (176°C)
Inlet/Outlet Size 3/4″

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Botanical Oil Extraction Process

The LB082EC Botanical Extraction Compressor is the smallest model of LB Series Compressors and is capable of achieving a vapor-recovery flow rate necessary to facilitate the butane-recovery process. The LB082EC Botanical Extraction Compressor features double seals that have passed various leakage tests, as well as a pressurized oil-pump circuit on the heavy-duty crankcase – which is coated with a special epoxy that protects the interior – that forces oil onto the unit’s bearings, wrist pins and connecting rods. Other features of the Blackmer LB082EC Botanical Extraction Compressor include:

  • Heavy-Duty Pistons – One-piece construction that is stronger and simpler than competitive multi-piece designs
  • High-Efficiency Valves – Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel discs and springs that provide superior sealing
  • High-Pressure Head and Cylinder O-Rings – Eliminate leakage and maintenance problems
  • Self-Adjusting Piston-Rod Seals – Prevent crankcase oil contamination and cylinder blow-by
  • Pressure-Assisted Piston Rings – Provide maximum efficiency with minimal friction wear
  • Wear-Resistant Crosshead Assemblies – Designed for maximum lubrication and wear resistance
  • 2-hp Motor – More energy efficient and less wasteful than the competitor model with a 3-hp motor

All of these features combine to make the LB082EC Botanical Extraction Compressor an ideal solution for continuous-duty botanical oil-extraction applications with 2-4 vapor-recovery cycles over an eight-hour period.

Since you are already using butane, considered by many to be the purest solvent in botanical-oil extraction, it only makes sense to trust the original extraction compressor, the Blackmer LB082EC, for your botanical-oil extraction activities.

Repair Kits & Tools

Blackmer LB082EC Compressors are easily serviceable.

Repair Kits & Tools – LB082EC Part Number
Top End Repair Kit 791331
Intermediate Repair Kit 791332
Gasket Set 791232
Packing Installation Tool 790536
Spanner Wrench, 1/4" Adjustable 790316
Wrench for Valve Holdown Screw 790535
Compressor Tool Kit 790199
Valve Tool 798016
Piston Tools 798003
Packing Ring Tool 798015