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Blackmer LB160 Series Reciprocating Gas Compressors Blackmer LB161B Series Reciprocating Gas Compressor

NG160 Series Reciprocating Gas Compressors NG162, NGS162

With flow rates of 16.9 CFM (28.7 m³/hr) at max rpm, the two-cylinder, single-stage NG160 Series Gas Compressors are available in two different models, the NG162 for natural gas and the NGS162 for sour gases of up to 8% dry H₂S. Constructed with a single distance piece between two sets of seals on each piston rod, all NG Series Gas Compressors provide optimal leakage control and prevent oil contamination of the compressed gas stream. Ports are provided in the distance piece chamber for purging, pressurizing, or venting. Designed for a wide range of wellhead applications for oil and gas production and storage operations, NG Gas Compressors are equipped with a ductile iron head and cylinder, high-efficiency valves, steel pistons, self-adjusting piston rod seals and other robust features designed for quiet efficient handling of natural gas. Even in the most severe service conditions, the NG Series Gas Compressors offer the best-combined characteristics of sustained high-level performance, energy efficiency, trouble-free operation and low maintenance cost.

Performance and Specifications

NG & NGS Single-Stage

Single-Stage NG162
No. of Cylinders 2
Bore x Stroke, in. (mm) 3.0 x 2.5
(76.2 x 63.5)
MAWP, psia (bar) 350 (24.1)
Speed, rpm 350 - 825
Piston Displacement, CFM (m³/hr)
@ Min rpm 7.16 (12.2)
@ Max rpm 16.9 (28.7)
Max. Discharge Temp. 350°F (176°C)
Max. BHP (kw) 10 (7.5)
Weight, lb. (kg) ~225 (102)
Inlet / Outlet Connections* 0.75" NPT

Note: NGS has Maximum H2S 8%

Features and Benefits

  • Ductile-iron head and cylinder that outperform cast-iron models
  • O-ring gaskets throughout for sealing under all operating conditions
  • Flow rates to 3,000 MSCFD
  • NGS models compatible with sour gas up with up to 8% dry hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
  • Maximum allowable working pressure of 350 psi (24 bar)
  • Double-seal with full-size distance piece that provides leakage control and prevents oil contamination


  • Oil and gas production
  • Tank-battery vapor recovery
  • Wellhead vapor control
  • Wellhead annulus reduction
  • Pressure boosting

Visit the Compressor Solutions page for more information about the NG Series Reciprocating Gas Compressors.
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Options Available Literature  Details
Crankcase Oil Heater CB322 Used to maintain adequate oil temperature in cold to severe climates 
Distance Piece Options CB037 Section of gas compressor between crankcase and compressor cylinder that isolates the two areas, providing oil-free operation for cylinder 
Suction Valve Unloaders & Systems CB039 Prevents the compression of gas in the cylinder by holding the suction valves open, allowing compressor to be started without a load and to control compressor's capacity
Various O-Ring Materials CB001 Optional O-ring materials including PTFE, FKM, Neoprene, Ethylene-Propylene
Oversized Flywheels   Available for various drive options

Ancillary Equipment

Equipment Available Literature  Details
4-Way Valves CB046 For piping, in aiding for easy transition from liquid transfer to vapor recovery - comes with handle and flow indicator
Electrical Schematic CB276  Overview of a generalized wiring schematic for typical installations
Float Switch Information CB145 Activates alarms and/or shut-down equipment when a liquid rises or falls past the switch
Liquid Traps CB212 Trap installed in the suction line to stop liquid from entering the compressor
Liquid Traps, ASME Code CB218  ASME coded trap installed in the suction line to stop liquid from entering the compressor
Low Oil Pressure Switches  CB020  Sends signal when the compressor's crankcase oil pressure falls 
Mounting Arrangements  CB111  A variety of mounting arrangements available for compressors 
Strainer CB172  Features a 30-mesh stainless steel screen 
Belt Guards    Available in either aluminum or stainless steel 
Pressure Switches    Activates alarms and/or shutdown equipment for suction, discharge, differential, and/or oil pressure 
Temperature Switches    Activates alarms and/or shutdown equipment for discharge and/or oil temperature 
Temperature Gauges    Visual confirmation of temperature - typically on the suction and discharge process gas location 
Thermowells    Protects temperature monitoring devices from harsh process gas conditions 
Control Panels and Starters    Junction box and full turn-key functionality available in required classifications 
NPT or Welded Piping Systems    Threaded or welded steel piping systems 
Pressure Gauges  CB105  Visual confirmation of pressure - typically on the suction, discharge, and oil locations 
Receivers    Often times used as a holding vessel for pressure control on the suction or discharge 
Relief Valves    Overpressure safety devices required on the compressor discharge and any associated ASME code vessels 
Shutoff Valves    Available in either manual or powered 
Aftercoolers    Available in either air or water cooled 
Motor or engine drives    Available in various classifications and fuel types 
Repair tool kits  CB110  List of part numbers for special tools and tool kits used on compressors 
Unloader Solenoid Valve CB315 
3-way solenoid suction valve unloader control 

Maintenance Tools

Maintenance Tools – NG162C, NGS162C Part Number
Packing Installation Tool 790536
Spanner Wrench, 1/4" Adjustable 790316
Wrench for Valve Holdown Screw 790535
Compressor Tool Kit 790199
Valve Tool 798016
Piston Tools 798002
Packing Ring Tool 798015



Installation Operation Manuals (IOMs)

NG082C, NGS082C, NG162C, NG362E, NG602E, NG642E, NGS162C, NGS362E, NGS602E, NGS642E, NG172C, NG372C, NG612C, NGS172C, NGS372C, NGS612C


NG082, NGS082, NG162, NGS162, NG362, NGS362, NG602, NGS602, NG642, NGS642, NG942, NGS942, NG172, NGS172, NG373, NGS373, NG612, NGS612

Materials of Construction


NG082C, NGS082C, NG162C, NG362E, NG602E, NG642E, NGS162C, NGS362E, NGS602E, NGS642E, NG172C, NG372C, NG612C, NGS172C, NGS372C, NGS612C, NGH100

Spec Sheets

NG082, NG162, NG172, NG362, NG372, NG602, NG612, NG642, NG942
NGS082, NGS162, NGS172, NGS362, NGS372, NGS602, NGS612, NGS642, NGS942