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Blackmer® T-Type strainers are designed for direct mounting on Blackmer truck pumps, or as line strainers for use with Blackmer truck pumps or other makes of pumps. T-Type strainers are available in 2-, 2.5- and 3-in sizes.

Features and Benefits


For direct mounting on Blackmer 2-, 2.5- and 3-in truck pump models, the strainer takes the place of the intake pipe flange and bolts directly to the INTAKE port of the pump.

When using the Blackmer T-Type strainer as a line strainer, 2-, 2.5- and 3-in NPT tapped pipe flanges are available to adapt the strainer for use in the intake line.

Performance and Specifications

Strainer Size L W H Clearance
2 in 8-4/7 4-1/4 4 6-3/8
mm 217.5 107.9 102 162
2.5 in 8-4/7 5-1/16 4 6-1/2
mm 217.5 128.6 102 165
3 in 9 5-3/8 4-3/4 7
mm 229 136.5 121 178
Part Name Size Standard Materials
Strainer Body, Cover, Flanges Cast Iron: ASTM A48
Gaskets Fiber
Strainer Basket 2" Perforated Steel, 0.075" diameter holes; 74 holes per sq. in.
2.5" Perforated Steel, 0.078" diameter holes; 74 holes per sq. in.
3" Perforated Steel, 0.075" diameter holes; 64 holes per sq. in


Installation Operation Manuals (IOMs)