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Get in-depth information about Blackmer pump and compressor technologies while learning why our solutions are the ideal choice to help solve your most critical fluid-handling applications.

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Blackmer® is the leading global provider of innovative, high-quality sliding vane, centrifugal, screw and regenerative turbine pump, and reciprocating gas compressor technologies for the safe transfer of liquids and gases.

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Providing Innovative Product-Transfer Solutions for a Variety of Markets and Applications

Blackmer provides innovative product transfer solutions for many markets and applications, including in the chemical process, energy, transport, military & marine; general industrial, and oil & gas industries.

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General Industrial

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Process Optimization

Thanks to their revolutionary design and operational capabilities, Blackmer® sliding vane and centrifugal pumps and compressors are the very essence of process-performance optimization. Chemical and industrial companies around the world rely on Blackmer equipment, systems and service to transfer raw products from storage containers to the plant’s processes, and eventually onto the transport vehicle. Blackmer pumps are used to transfer raw products from storage containers to the plant, within the plant's processes – batching, mixing, pulverizing, blending, packaging, storage, and onto the transport vehicle.


Sliding Vane Pump - ML

With benefits such as self-priming and dry-run capabilities, high-suction operation and volumetric consistency, sliding vane pumps are well suited for chemical processing applications and working with a wide range of fluids and viscosities.

Reciprocating Gas Compressors

Used in three different product transfer based applications - vapor recovery, pressure boosting, and liquefied gas transfer with a wide range of configurations and options, these compressors are built to meet the application.

Centrifugal Pump - LD17

Blackmer System One® centrifugal pumps are built for moving high volumes of fluid in the toughest, most extreme environments and prevent the most common issues inflicting normal centrifugal pumps – seal failure and bearing breakdown.

Screw Pumps

These self-priming double-ended positive displacement pumps offer outstanding performance in the most demanding chemical process applications. These pumps are available in both twin and triple screw models.

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Liquid Terminals

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Liquid Terminals Market icon

Liquid Terminals

Blackmer sliding vane, screw, and centrifugal pumps are reliable and effective solutions to mixing and blending various types of liquids, loading/unloading liquids and packaging liquids used in the transfer and storage process for liquid terminals around the world.

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Industrial Gases Market icon

Industrial Gases

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Industrial Gases Market icon

Industrial Gases

Blackmer compressors and pumps are ideal for industrial gas applications, due to their ability to handle heavy-duty, high efficiency operations that also require low maintenance and quiet operation.

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