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Blackmer® is the leading global provider of innovative, high-quality sliding vane, centrifugal, screw and regenerative turbine pump, and reciprocating gas compressor technologies for the safe transfer of liquids and gases.

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Providing Innovative Product-Transfer Solutions for a Variety of Markets and Applications

Blackmer provides innovative product transfer solutions for many markets and applications, including in the chemical process, energy, transport, military & marine; general industrial, and oil & gas industries.

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Case Studies

CASE STUDY A Crowning Achievement
PDF372.76 KB Download
CASE STUDY A Marriage Made In Heaven
ATK2102-061 - How a UK supplier of LPG uses Blackmer LGL Series Sliding Vane Pumps to LPG transfer for their customers.
PDF826.12 KB Download
CASE STUDY A New Way Of Thinking
PDF351.96 KB Download
CASE STUDY A Pole to Pole Phenomenon
ATK0210-029 - Showcase of how Blackmer Sliding Vane Pumps, System One Centrifugal Pumps, and Blackmer Compressors are used all across the world in a wide variety of applications.
PDF2.84 MB Download
CASE STUDY Ahead of the Curve
engyart100101 - Taxi company utilizes Blackmer Sliding Vane Pumps for it's Autogas fueling terminal and uses a LB Compressor for it's vapor recovery system.
PDF1.05 MB Download
CASE STUDY Cleaning Up on DEF
ATK0220-027 - Leading supplier of DEF (AdBlue) uses Blackmer STX-DEF Series Sliding Vane Pumps for transport applications.
PDF1001.75 KB Download
CASE STUDY Cleaning Up On DEF Brenntag North America
PDF1001.75 KB Download
CASE STUDY Delivering Efficiencies
PDF385.30 KB Download
CASE STUDY Engineering A Partnership
PDF313.96 KB Download
CASE STUDY First Risk, Then Reward
PDF588.65 KB Download
CASE STUDY From Pipe Dream To American Dream
PDF842.05 KB Download
CASE STUDY Grammer Lesson
PDF306.10 KB Download
CASE STUDY It’s A Family Tradition
PDF2.00 MB Download
CASE STUDY Leveraging Lube-Oil Market Growth
PDF788.36 KB Download
CASE STUDY Live And Learn
PDF263.05 KB Download
CASE STUDY Loud And Proud
PDF224.38 KB Download
CASE STUDY Loyalty Leads The Way
PDF1.06 MB Download
CASE STUDY Market Forces
PDF296.21 KB Download
CASE STUDY Market Forces Brenner Oil
PDF296.21 KB Download
CASE STUDY Moving Confidently into the Future
PDF801.71 KB Download
CASE STUDY Partnership Built Through Progress
PDF3.42 MB Download
CASE STUDY Peace of “Mine”
PDF627.54 KB Download
CASE STUDY Recovery Plan
ATK3533-027 - Focus on HD Compressors used in hydrocarbon and industrial gas vapor recovery.
PDF723.03 KB Download
CASE STUDY Reliable Growth
PDF516.90 KB Download
CASE STUDY Reputation Reaffirmed
PDF399.99 KB Download
CASE STUDY Reversal Of Fortune
PDF755.45 KB Download
CASE STUDY Solutions To Leakage Problems In Polyester Resin Industry
PDF1.08 MB Download
CASE STUDY The Fuel For Success
ATK3000-031 - Focused on how a storage terminal uses Blackmer System One Centrifugal Pumps and Blackmer Sliding Vane Pumps like MLX and GX Models for quickly moving product.
PDF1.87 MB Download
CASE STUDY The Need For Speed
PDF232.45 KB Download
CASE STUDY The Team Approach
PDF369.59 KB Download
CASE STUDY The Value of Vapors
PDF981.44 KB Download
CASE STUDY Turning A Dream Into Reality
PDF595.03 KB Download
CASE STUDY Turning A Harbor Into A Haven
PDF262.78 KB Download
CASE STUDY Turning Risk Into Reward
PDF798.29 KB Download
CASE STUDY Turning Time into Money
PDF870.91 KB Download
CASE STUDY Upward Mobility
ATK2102-045 - How Blackmer LB Compressors are used for Propane Railcar Unloading.
PDF934.98 KB Download
CASE STUDY When Failure Is Not An Option
ATK2101-025 - Diversified petroleum-product delivery company utilizes Blackmer Sliding Vane Transport Pumps - TXD Series and STX-DEF Series for their transport and delivery trucks.
PDF2.41 MB Download
CASE STUDY 借力润滑油市场的增长
ATK2101-023 (CN)
PDF640.36 KB Download
CASE STUDY 破解聚酯树脂生产上的泄露难题
ATK0210-037 (CN)
PDF1.29 MB Download