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The Dangers of Pirated Components and Parts for AODD Pumps

by PSG | Aug 23, 2022

Since inventing the air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump in 1955, Wilden® has set the standard for innovation by providing simple, reliable and efficient technology that optimizes performance for a wide range of pumping applications. Throughout the years, however, many competitors, regardless of their legitimacy, have attempted to imitate this high standard. While competitors have challenged Wilden to continue designing state-of-the-art solutions, illegitimate competitors have only created a serious problem for operators – pirated components and parts. 

Pirated or “knockoff” pump components and parts are created to imitate a variety of Wilden original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts, including pump body (metal or plastic), diaphragms, pistons, valve balls, valve seats, valve seat O-rings and the Air Distribution System (ADS). Because these knockoff pumps do not meet strict OEM quality-control and design standards, they will fail to properly function with Wilden technology, inevitably causing a series of problems, including a voided warranty, reduced operational performance, costly breakdowns and increased safety risks.

Because of the unique design of Wilden AODD components and parts, knockoffs can be recognized in the following common ways:

  • Part numbers that are uncommon for the Wilden Brand

  • No identification stamps, including the “Manufacturing Date Stamp” and the Wilden logo

  • Hand-written information and printed material, such as packaging and manuals that do not accurately match the Wilden font and color

Wilden counterfeit products handwritten labels

Wilden counterfeit products handwritten labels

Wilden Incorrect Printed LinksWilden Incorrect Printed Links

While counterfeiters are becoming increasingly clever with the way they create and package pirated parts, remaining aware of these telltale signs can save you from all the complications that come from using damaging knockoffs. Ensure your Wilden AODD pump remains reliable, safe and easy to operate and maintain with genuine parts and components working in harmony with one another.

To learn more about the importance of using genuine Wilden AODD-pump parts, read the white paper: Buyer Beware: How To Recognize Pirated AODD-Pump Parts.