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Premier Automotive Paint Plant Selects Blackmer E Series Pumps

by PSG | Oct 21, 2019

A premier automotive paint plant needed to change pump systems on a challenging water-borne white dispersion transfer service. The fluid contains titanium dioxide and is abrasive, especially for stainless steel pumps. The mechanically sealed pump used in the service had high maintenance, housekeeping and downtime costs. Frequent seal and pump failures of a mechanically sealed lobe pump caused the primary problem. The seal failures caused disruption to the production process and environmental and safety hazards. The mechanically sealed lobe pumps in the white dispersion service averaged four maintenance incidents a year. Seal leaks frequently caused housekeeping problems. Also, often after only six months of service, when the pump seal would start leaking, the pump would “seize up” and fail. Maintenance crews did not replace the seal as the pump itself was worn out at that time. Such incidents cost $18,459 in parts and $4,562 in labor annually. Frequent failures of the sealed lobe pump also had high downtime costs. It caused disruptions to the production process as the pump was in a continuous service.

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