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Why Seal-Less Pumps Can Provide Benefits Over Sealed Pumps

by PSG | Oct 18, 2019

The inherent irony that is at the root of many industrial manufacturing processes is this: oftentimes, “bad” things are needed in order to produce “good” things. Or, to be a little more specific, hazardous things are needed in order to manufacture useful things. Manufacturers who produce chemical-based compounds such as caustics, acids, solvents and polymers should be well aware of this dichotomy.

Hazardous substances like toluene, xylene, ethylene oxide and anhydrous ammonia – along with a host of hundreds of others – that can be harmful to humans and the environment if mishandled are nevertheless indispensable components that must be used in a large number of industries and end products. A tip-of-the-iceberg list of such industries and products includes, but is hardly limited to, petrochemicals, paints and coatings, soap and detergents, biofuels, adhesives, pulp and paper, food processing, and herbicides and pesticides.

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