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The Benefits Of Internal Gear Pumps In Industrial Operations

by PSG | Jun 04, 2015

It is no stretch to say that pumps make the world of industrial manufacturing go round. Every day, thousands of industries around the world rely on various pumping technologies to move raw materials and end products through the production process. Whether handling lube oils, paints and coatings, or working in applications from heat transfer to chemical processing, pumps must reliably, efficiently and safely transfer a dizzying array of fluids, all of which have unique—and oftentimes challenging—handling characteristics. If a pump is the weak link in the production process, then the entire operation will be compromised, with the downtime required for repair or replacement eating away at production quotas and the bottom line.

Industrial manufacturers have a wide range of pump options to choose from when outfitting their facilities. There are also a number of factors that go into their choice of pumping technology. Operational reliability and being able to meet very specific fluid-handling requirements are among the most important. With manufacturing operations governed by operating budgets and expenses, equipment acquisition costs and subsequent maintenance are also primary concerns.

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