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TLGLF3HD Sliding Vane Pump Wins 2022 Innovation Award from Canadian Propane Association

by PSG | May 20, 2022

The Blackmer legacy of innovation began in 1899 when Robert Blackmer invented the rotary vane pump. Since that breakthrough, product innovation has been a driving factor in the ethos of our organization. This innovation is driven by a passion for unparalleled product performance and a commitment to total customer satisfaction.

We're pleased to announce that the Blackmer TLGLF3HD Sliding Vane Pump is a winner of the 2022 Canadian Propane Association (CPA) Innovation Award. This prestigious award recognizes the top new technologies for their contributions to advancing the propane industry in product innovation, process/technology, market development, or marketing. Specifically, the TLGLF3HD rotary vane pump was honored for its ability to increase pump reliability and safety while optimizing the loading and unloading speeds of LPG products for bobtails and transport trucks.

“We’re extremely excited to have won this innovation award from the CPA,” said Chris Hordyk, Blackmer Product Manager. “Blackmer originated the first truck-mounted pump in 1925 and has continued to develop innovative pumping solutions ever since. Not only does the TLGLF3HD decrease LPG unloading times, which means less wear and tear on the equipment, but it also sets the standard in sustained high-level performance, energy efficiency, and trouble-free operation. This makes the TLGLF3HD the go-to choice for LPG transport truck builders and propane marketers for truck-mounted pumps.”

TLGLF3HD pumps include the same industry-leading features and benefits as Blackmer TLGLF3 sliding vane pumps while incorporating an increased flow rate of 60-201 gpm (227-761 L/min), which is 29% greater than the TLGLF3 vane pump. This higher flow rate makes the TLGLF3HD pump the ideal solution for high-capacity bobtails tasked with making high-volume deliveries to residential farms and commercial customers.

The TLGLF3HD also takes product reliability to the highest level. Flange mounting the pump directly to commercial internal control valves eliminates the need for inlet pipes, shutoff valves and external strainers that can restrict flow and cause vaporization problems, resulting in smoother operation and longer pump life.

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