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Blackmer® Featured in Grand Rapids Economic Development Video Report Highlighting Impact of Local Businesses

by PSG | Apr 15, 2022

Grand Rapids, MI – April 15, 2022 – Blackmer®, a brand of PSG®, a Dover company, and the leading global provider of pump and compressor technologies, is pleased to announce that Bob Lauson, General Manager of Blackmer, recently participated in the 2021 Annual Economic Development Report video for the Grand Rapids Office of Economic Development. The purpose of the video was to convey the message that the Office of Economic Development and Grand Rapids business leaders are committed to supporting existing local businesses and uplifting Grand Rapids neighborhoods to generate sustainable economic development.

“It was an honor to be invited by the Grand Rapids Office of Economic Development to be a part of this video,” said Lauson. “Blackmer has been a staple in the Grand Rapids community for 97years, and we’re dedicated to keeping it that way. Blackmer has a long history of creating jobs in Grand Rapids, and when our employees come here for a job, they often stay for the community. We feel like we’re more than just Blackmer, a local business — we feel like we are Grand Rapids.”

Given the recent opportunity to begin expanding the Grand Rapids facility and centralize more brands under the Blackmer name, Lauson hopes the team will remain in the city for another 100 years, ushering in the next generation of innovation, economic development and community enrichment for Grand Rapids.

To hear more about how Blackmer and other local organizations are contributing to the city of Grand Rapids today and in the future, be sure to watch the 2021 Annual Economic Development Report.


About Blackmer®:

Blackmer® is the leading global provider of sliding vane, gear, regenerative turbine and centrifugal pump, and reciprocating compressor technologies for the transfer of liquids and gases. For more than a century, Blackmer has provided unparalleled product performance, superior services and support, visionary innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Used in many applications, Blackmer pumps and compressors are found in a variety of markets, including process, transport, energy, and military and marine. Blackmer, a brand of PSG®, a Dover company, is headquartered at the Rotating Equipment Center of Excellence in Grand Rapids, MI, USA. To learn more about Blackmer, please 

About PSG®

PSG® is the global pump, metering and dispensing solution expert, enabling the safe and efficient transfer of critical and valuable fluids that require optimal performance and reliability in applications where it matters most. Additionally, PSG is a leading provider of flow meters designed to reduce waste and downtime while accurately measuring, monitoring and controlling the distribution of fluids. Headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, USA, PSG is comprised of several world-class brands, including Abaque®, All-Flo, Almatec®, Blackmer®, Ebsray®, em-tec®, Griswold®, Hydro, Mouvex®, Neptune®, Quantex, Quattroflow®, RedScrew and Wilden®. PSG products are manufactured on three continents – North America, Europe and Asia – in state-of-the-art facilities that practice lean manufacturing and are ISO-certified. PSG is part of the Pumps & Process Solutions segment of Dover Corporation. To learn more about PSG, please visit PSG: Where Innovation Flows.