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Introducing Blackmer® CHOICE™: The New Online Pump Selection & Quote Tool

by PSG | Oct 29, 2021

At Blackmer®, we prioritize the needs of our customers, from the very first quote to the ongoing day-to-day operations. Selecting the appropriate pump for your application is a critical first step, and maintaining your product down the line ensures reliable product performance.

We aim to support operators throughout the pump selection, comparison, quoting and repair processes using the latest in Blackmer customer service: Blackmer CHOICE™.

We’re excited to share the debut of this new digital tool for channel partners and end users. Available online at, the Blackmer CHOICE platform is a web-based pump selection and quote tool that allows users to look up pump repair kits, search for pumps based on system conditions and access pump configuration options. In addition, this new tool is equipped with quote features, enabling users to create quote packages including pricing, performance curves and more. Users can also develop quotes in collaboration with the Blackmer Application Team, making our systems and services more accessible.

Navigating Blackmer CHOICE

To begin using Blackmer CHOICE, simply sign into your PSG Dover account or register as a new user and create an account. Next, you can select the Blackmer brand from the PSG lineup by clicking on the brand image. From the index page, you can search for a pump based on application conditions and parameters, such as necessary pressure or liquid viscosity. You can also search for a pump by size, model or material, or look one up by its description string. Manage your projects, create a new parts quote project or edit your profile settings – all from this page.

Why Add CHOICE to Your Toolkit?

Blackmer CHOICE centralizes quote management and pump data for user-friendly comparison and search. Whether you seek parts pricing or the best sliding vane model for your operation, you can browse our options and application criteria here. This new tool will empower users to access accurate product quotes and make informed decisions regarding their pump needs and applications.

The CHOICE platform replaces blackOPS®, our old selection software program. However, BlackOps will remain active for users until January 1, 2022, after which we welcome users to switch over to our Blackmer CHOICE interface.