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Award-Winning MAGNES Series Pumps Deliver Solutions and Performance

by PSG | Sep 27, 2021

For Blackmer®, product performance, reliability and safety are paramount.

When those products also provide resolutions to common issues and start winning awards because of that, it means the company has done something more than right. That’s exactly what happened with the introduction the Blackmer MAGNES Series.

The holistic design in the MAGNES Series pumps takes the dry-run, cavitation-less, vapor/liquid mixture and solids-handling capabilities of sliding vane technology and merges them with an innovative magnetic drive. The result is the world’s first seal-less sliding vane magnetic drive pump that tackles several common operational pain points simultaneously, all while delivering new levels of safety and reliability.

Now available in the recently launched 4-inch model, MAGNES can unload a 30,000-gallon railcar in under an hour, lift liquid from 25 feet below grade, strip 4” piping clean between batches, and run dry longer than an Olympic marathon.


In recognition for this impeccable product, the MAGNES Series took silver in Plant Engineering’s 2020 Fluid-Handling Product of the Year Awards and is becoming universally recognized as the new standard in fluid processing safety and performance.

The main advantage of MAGNES Series pumps, aside from their impressive performance, is their ability to resolve multiple known issues.

Indefinite Dry Run Capability

Long dry run operation is a surefire way for gear and centrifugal pumps to fail. With no liquid, rotational speeds north of 3,600 rpm creates a massive amount of heat and friction, causing damage to the bearings, and possibly leading to complete containment failure. Although there have been preventive improvements to mitigate bearing and other internal component damage, these precautions won’t last at continual high speeds.

This is where the sliding vane magnetic drive features of the MAGNES Series shine, as this system allows for infinite dry-run operation. MAGNES pumps are an ideal alternative to mag-drive centrifugal and gear pumps because the self-lubricating components in a non-metallic containment shell significantly reduce heat. More than that, they can create the same pressure and flow rates of a 3,600 rpm operation at just 400 rpm.

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Efficient Solids Handling

The need to handle suspended solids is an occasional requirement of every fluid-transfer operation. Unfortunately, this brings about several potential hazards that can limit flow and place great strain on centrifugal and gear pumps. When handling solids, everything from pitting, grinding, worn gear teeth and pump freezing can occur when pumping solid-saturated liquids.

The MAGNES Series pumps provide a solution for solids-handling issues with its wider flow paths and lower flow velocities. This combination allows for a much smoother and more thorough fluid transfer.

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Cavitation Reduction & Vapor Mixtures Handling

One of the leading factors of catastrophic pump failure is due to sustained cavitation and the over-pumping of liquid/vapor mixes. Whether the vapor forms inside the pump, supply tank or the suction pipes, the implosion of that vapor assaults the pump’s components with unyielding potency, creating damaging cavitation effects. Centrifugal and gear pumps suffer from this because their internal components are ill-equipped to handle cavitating vapor and thin liquids that cause their ceramic bushings to fail.

The Blackmer MAGNES Series pumps circumvent the damaging effects of cavitation because they are designed to handle fluids stored in vacuum and liquified gas tanks. This enables the sliding vane magnetic drive pumps to deliver a zero NPSHr (Net Positive Suction Head rating) while handling mixtures with as much as 20% vapor content. The result is an easy way to avoid common pumping issues caused by vapor and non-optimal inlets conditions.

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Full Curve and System Performance

The MAGNES Series sliding vane magnetic drive pumps perform strongly across a wide performance curve in liquid-transfer applications, not just the narrow bands common in centrifugal pump operations.

Those pumps, while the most common application in liquid transfer, are gauged to a narrow Best Efficiency Point (BEP.) This presents an inherent problem because when they are forced to handle larger quantities, it takes them off their BEP and generates greater strain on their bearings and other internal components.

Blackmer MAGNES Series pumps are designed to cover a much wider range of operating applications for full curve and system performance, with no measurable restrictions from a standard BEP. In all, Blackmer has delivered a safe, optimal, all-encompassing pump for any operation.

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