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An operational edge: Why sliding vanes are a smart spec

by PSG | Aug 05, 2021
Bulk Transporter

Sliding vane pumps offer tank truck operators better functionality, reliability than gear pumps across many liquid-handling applications.

When it comes to positive displacement (PD) pumping technologies, gear and sliding vane pumps always have stood out for their reliability and versatility in liquid-handling applications. These two factors alone have made them a popular choice for loading/unloading, transport and metering applications.

Regarding reliability, these pumps are effective at moving liquids from ships, railcars, and tank trucks, as well as from process to process within a manufacturing plant or to and from storage tanks or onto transport vehicles, which send the product to bulk storage facilities or end users. On the versatility side, these pumps can handle an extensive range of liquids, such as crude oil, refined fuels, biofuels, chemicals, solvents and raw and finished foodgrade materials.

While these two pump technologies are proficient with fluid-handling tasks, and have been so for decades, sliding vane pumps have multiple benefits that make them the better choice for these applications, Five points of comparison identify the main differences between these two pump technologies.

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