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What To Know About Magnetic-Drive PD Pumps in Chemical Processing

by PSG | Mar 16, 2021
Pumps & Systems

Chemical processing facilities use an array of flowing substances that must be processed, stored and transferred during manufacturing activities. The technology tasked with facilitating this liquid movement is the industrial pump. A number of competing technologies are positioning themselves to grab the attention—and capital investment dollars—of the world’s chemical processors.

The oldest of these battles divided the camp. One camp favored centrifugal pump technology, which uses velocity, momentum and kinetic energy to transfer the liquid when operating at or near its best efficiency point (BEP). The other camp has an affinity for positive displacement (PD) pump technologies, which capture a fixed volume of liquid and transfer it.

This latest article written by Geoff Vanleeuwen with Blackmer and Michael Coburn with EnviroGear can be found in Pumps and Systems Magazine.

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