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MAGNES Solves – Inflexible Operating Range

by PSG | Dec 07, 2020

Systems used in liquid transfer and process applications work across a wide range of operating points. Pumps are often designed to operate at a single specified design point, but the disparity between the pumps and their full systems can be devastating to traditional pump technologies.

Centrifugal pumps are the most commonly applied technology in liquid transfer and process applications, but these options must be tuned to a single Best Efficiency Point (BEP). When an operating range experiences variation, these pumps must handle amplified loads due to being thrown off of their singular BEP. Excess stress for bearings and the pump shaft can create deflection, rubbing contact, premature wear, leak-path development and compromised product containment.

20-BLKM-1960 Inflexible Operating Range Blog Post_Radial Load Illustration 

Magnetic drive centrifugal pumps face even greater difficulties, as their use of bushings results in an even narrower BEP. Pump operators are thus required to maintain operation near BEP to ensure reliability for these pumps. Because of the variation in operating points found in liquid transfer and process applications, along with the shortcomings of centrifugal and magnetic drive centrifugal pumps, Blackmer® has introduced a solution with full curve and system performance capabilities.

20-BLKM-1960 Inflexible Operating Range Blog Post_Efficiency vs Pressure Illustration 

Positive displacement (PD) sliding vane pumps accommodate a wide range of operating conditions, and new MAGNES Series Sliding Vane Magnetic Drive Pumps sustain efficiency across the entire performance range without the limitations of a BEP. This new technology is unmatched by centrifugal options, offering self-priming, suction lift, line stripping, dry run, solids and vapor handling and viscosity and pressure flexibility.

While operating at a speed of just 400 rpm, MAGNES generates the same pressures and flow rates of other pumps that operate at 3,600 rpm, without excessive heat buildup or component wear. As a true self-priming pump, MAGNES does not require pre-flooding at startup and is well-suited for continuous-duty operation. Since the pump does not have a cumulative dry-run time limit, it provides confidence that a dry-run event will not result in catastrophic pump failure. MAGNES boasts full curve and system performance capabilities unlike any other magnetic-drive pump available.

Solve pumping system issues due to inflexible operating ranges, while staying leak-free with the full curve and system performance capabilities of MAGNES, the Sliding Vane Magnetic Drive Pump. Learn more about MAGNES at