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EnviroGear's mission is to engineer the world's safest and most reliable internal gear pumps by understanding our customers' needs.

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Solving complex industrial application issues

EnviroGear® is focused on providing solutions to our customers across a wide array of markets and industries, including chemical process, mining, oil and gas, food and beverage, as well as general industrial applications.

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Chemical Process

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Certifications and Quality Standards

We take the quality of our products seriously. In fact, quality is our second core value – with safety being the first. We know that our customers rely on us to provide them with the most dependable products possible. That's why we are so committed to quality and reliability. And we back up this commitment by providing products that meet or exceed a variety of industry certifications. Additionally, we are also proud members of the Hydraulic Institute (HI).

Facility Quality Standards

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System


The Quality Management System of EnviroGear is registered to the ISO 9001:2015 standard through NSF. Protocols, procedures and policies are in place assuring that you receive the high quality of service that only EnviroGear can provide. We are committed to being a valuable resource by providing you with specific pumping solutions.

Product Certifications

CE Mark (Conformité Européenne - European Conformity)


EnviroGear has met the criteria for placing the CE mark on our product line. This CE certification is indicative of the EnviroGear pledge to provide our distributor network with all the requirements necessary to excel in a global economy.

ATEX (ATmosphere EXplosible)


EnviroGear ATEX Safety Supplement

EnviroGear complies with the applicable ATEX directives for explosive atmospheres. The safety of the European community is of utmost importance to us. We take responsibility for not only our products, but also for the supporting documentation and compliance of necessary directives.

Certificate TR CU (Technical Reglament Conformity Certificate TR CU)


E Series/G Series TR CU
V Series TR CU

EnviroGear has met the criteria and has obtained the certificate of conformity of the Custom Union (TR CU Certification). This certifies that our products meet the standards within the Custom Union countries, which are Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

FDA (Food & Drug Administration)


The EnviroGear E Series pump utilizes FDA compliant materials to meet the necessary requirements of the Food & Drug Administration. You can now feel confident that EnviroGear E Series pumps can handle your food or pharmaceutical applications with ease. Receiving FDA compliance is a pledge to our customers that EnviroGear is 100% behind your industries, offering a multitude of options for your process.

Other Certifications

Material Certification

  • Declaration of Compliance with Order 2.1 - EN 10204:2004
  • Test Report 2.2 - EN 10204:2004 Chemical and Mechanical
  • Inspection Report 3.1 - EN 10204:2004 Chemical Only
  • Inspection Certificate 3.1 - EN 10204:2004 Mechanical Only
  • Inspection Certificate 3.1 - EN 10204:2004 Chemical

Mechanical Non-Destructive Testing

  • PMI (Positive Material Identification)
  • LPI (Liquid Penetrant Inspection)
  • Weld Certification