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FAQ: LPG Applications

Blackmer FAQ: LPG Applications

  • Can I use an SGL Series Sliding Vane Pump to pump propane?

  • Can I use a different mechanical seal with an LGL Series Sliding Vane Pump?

  • If a dispenser is mounted remotely from the tank, where should the pump be mounted - closer to the tank or the dispenser?

  • Should the pump discharge line size and vapor return size from the pump be changed if the dispenser is mounted a distance from the pump?

  • Will downstream components affect overall performance?

  • What happens if the sliding vane pump sits idle for long periods, especially when the dispenser is remotely mounted?

  • What can be done if a pump frequently vapor locks when using tank internal valves on the pump supply line and bypass valve return line – especially after sitting idle for some time?

  • What can be done if an application requires a 7.5 hp motor, but the site only has single phase power? Is there a solution for this?

  • Are there any special considerations for redundant pumps, so in case of failure there is a backup pump?

  • If two or more pumps are needed for a multiple dispenser application, can the same bypass valve be used? Or should each have a separate bypass? If both pumps are supplying the same line to the dispensers, ...

  • Can a pump with a flow rate greater than the meter it is supplying be used? i.e., a 24 gpm (90 L/min) Autogas pump with a meter rated for 18 gpm (68 L/min) flow rate?

  • What is NPSHr of Blackmer LGL, SGL, or CRL Sliding Vane Pumps?