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FAQ: LP-Gas Transfer Compressors

Blackmer FAQ: LP-Gas Transfer Compressors

  • What rate of liquid flow can be expected from a compressor?

  • How long does it take to recover vapors?

  • How does the horsepower requirement for a compressor compare to that of a liquid pump?

  • How can you tell if an installation is acceptable or not?

  • What size piping and type valves are recommended?

  • What size compressor should be used?

  • What happens when too large a compressor is used?

  • Why are the vapors discharged into the liquid space during vapor recovery?

  • To what pressure do you lower a tank car when recovering the vapors?

  • Why isn't the pressure reduced more?

  • Can a compressor be used with a meter?

  • Does extremely cold weather effect a compressor unloading operation?

  • Can a compressor displace liquid even if the temperature is -18°C (0° F)?

  • When should the 4-way valve be changed to start the vapor recovery process?

  • Can a compressor help provide a positive suction flow to a liquid pump?

  • Why does the compressor have to be oil free?

  • Why is a seal necessary between the compressor cylinder and crankcase?

  • Why are air-cooled compressors used for LP-Gas transfer?

  • Why is a liquid trap necessary?

  • Does a compressor pump liquid through it?

  • What about the compressor foundation?

  • Are any special tools needed?