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Blackmer® Offers Part-for-Part Competitor Interchangeability for Internal Gear Pumps

by PSG | Jun 05, 2023

Blackmer® G Series Internal Gear Pumps are renowned for their dependability, reliability and efficiency.  Blackmer® maintenance parts and service kits are no different.  We have engineered our pumps with the most reliable parts, many of which can be used to repair or refurbish other popular competing models. 

  • Blackmer G Series pump parts are interchangeable with Viking® H, HL, K, KK, L, LQ, LL, LS, Q and QS models
  • Interchangeability applies to most standard materials of construction
  • Internal and external parts, maintenance kits, and repair kits are available
  • Blackmer offers interchangeability for most jacketed iron components as well

Check out our cross-reference guide and dimensional comparison for a complete list of interchangeable Viking pump parts.

The Benefits of Part-for-Part Interchangeability

Minimizing downtime during maintenance and ensuring the continuous operation of your internal gear pumps is critical. That’s why Blackmer engineered their G Series pumps and parts to be interchangeable with many of the most popular competing models.  We provide a fast path back to safe and reliable operation.  In addition to parts and pumps, Blackmer also offers

  • A deep network of stocking distributors ready to provide parts, service and support
  • World class applications engineering and customer service – response times direct from factory typically 24 hrs or less
  • An ever growing library of technical support videos and literature to assist with repairs

Additionally, most repairs can be made without piping, driver, baseplate or coupling modifications.

Blackmer offers the best option for rebuilding your pump with the highest-quality parts.  Contact your local distributor for more information and to find out how Blackmer is engineered to get your pumps back up and running fast – and to keep your operations flowing.