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Seal the Vane Pump Deal With Blackmer® Mechanical Seals

by PSG | May 30, 2023

Mechanical seals are an essential component within Blackmer manufacturing operations. Used in every external bearing vane pump, Blackmer mechanical seals are critical to ensuring rotary vane pump reliability in tough environments. All told, Blackmer manufactures approximately 120,000 mechanical seals annually, with the manufacturing process including seal-face lapping, seal assembly and seal testing.

Blackmer mechanical seals are made not only to the company’s exacting standards but are the only cartridge- or component-style seals that feature no set screws, making the seals simpler to install, easier to maintain, and less prone to leaks than competitive seals.

Blackmer mechanical seals offer the following features and benefits:

  • Single mechanical seals have a viscosity range of 0.2-4,250 cP, a wider operational range than commercial seals that have a maximum viscosity of 1,500 cP
  • Double mechanical seals feature a patented radial design whose compactness reduces system complexity when compared to seals with an axial design
  • Dry-run capability, whereas most commercial seals struggle with dry run
  • Robust seal-face materials that provide higher levels of structural resilience and low-wear longevity when compared to commercial seals
  • Can be used with a wide range of liquid and gaseous products, from multi-phase liquids/vapors to non-lubricating liquids and those with abrasives
  • Available with API-682 Plans 1, 52, 53 and 65
  • Rated for both full vacuum and full maximum working pressure (MAWP), whether installed on a new pump or as an aftermarket part
  • Optimized for shaft diameters from 13/16” to 4-3/8” (20.6 mm-111 mm)The confidence Blackmer has in its mechanical seals is exemplified by the 2-year performance assurance guarantee offered for the LGL and TX Series models. The LGL and TX Series models are used in challenging operating conditions: abrasives, dry run, continuous cavitation, amplified vibration, exposure to ambient conditions and harsh over-the-road environments. 

Despite the harsh conditions in which these pumps are used, Blackmer is so confident that its mechanical seals can reliably stand up to those conditions that they are offered with a full 2-year performance assurance guarantee, which no other seal manufacturers are willing to provide with their seals. The terms of those warranties can be viewed here:

Please visit to learn more about its full portfolio of sliding vane pumps and how its in-house-manufactured seals can help optimize pump performance in all types of operating conditions.