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The ideal pumping technology for the harshest applications

Mouvex® is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquids or dry bulk products worldwide.

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M001285A1-C ENC Pompe H-FLO 65 SMS CLAMP DIN 11851
PDF704.69 KB Download
M001285A2 ENC Pompe H-FLO 65 DIN 11864 BF A_B
PDF1.33 MB Download
M001285A3 ENC Pompe H-FLO 65 EV_B
PDF888.66 KB Download
M001300A1 ENC Pompe G-FLO 65 PN16 PN20_A
PDF626.95 KB Download
M001386A1 ENC Transmission BMS ECS H-G FLO 50_C
PDF464.25 KB Download
M001464A1-C ENC Pompe H-FLO 50 SMS CLAMP DIN 11851
PDF752.09 KB Download
M001464A2 ENC Pompe H-FLO 50 DIN 11864 BF A_B
PDF1.39 MB Download
M001464A3 ENC Pompe G-FLO 50 PN16 PN20_A
PDF693.41 KB Download
M001464A4 ENC Pompe H-FLO 50_G-FLO 50 EV_C
PDF958.69 KB Download
M001484A1 ENC Pompe H-FLO 40 SMS CLAMP DIN 11851_C
PDF1.37 MB Download
M001484A2 ENC Pompe H-FLO 40 DIN 11864 BF A_C
PDF1.35 MB Download
M001484A3 ENC Pompe G-FLO 40 PN16 PN20_C
PDF1.24 MB Download
M001484A4 ENC Pompe H-FLO 40_G-FLO 40 EV_C
PDF838.84 KB Download
M001730A1 ENC Transmission BMS ECS H-G FLO 25_C
PDF439.14 KB Download
M001777A1-A ENC Pompe H FLO 25 SMS CLAMP DIN 11851
PDF696.18 KB Download
M001777A2-A ENC Pompe H FLO 25 DIN 11864 BF A
PDF672.56 KB Download
M001777A3-A ENC Pompe G FLO 25 PN16 PN20
PDF631.10 KB Download
M001777A4 ENC Pompe H-G FLO 25 EV_B
PDF480.99 KB Download
M001966A1 ENC Transmission BMS ECS H-G FLO 15_C
PDF405.10 KB Download
M002070A1 ENC Pompe H FLO 15 SMS CLAMP DIN 11851_A
PDF684.39 KB Download
M002070A2 ENC Pompe H FLO 15 DIN 11864 BF A_A
PDF1.27 MB Download
M002070A3 ENC Pompe G FLO 15 PN16 PN20_A
PDF621.17 KB Download
M002070A4 ENC Pompe H-G FLO 15 EV_B
PDF903.95 KB Download
M002166A1 ENC Transmission BMS ECS H-G FLO 40_D
PDF457.90 KB Download
M002480A1 ENC Pompe H FLO 11 SMS CLAMP DIN 11851_B
PDF687.23 KB Download
M002480A2 ENC Pompe H FLO 11 DIN 11864 BF A_A
PDF655.79 KB Download
M002480A3 ENC Pompe G FLO 11 PN16 PN20_A
PDF620.99 KB Download
M002480A4 ENC Pompe H-G FLO 11 EV_C
PDF903.04 KB Download
M002667A1 ENS Transmission BMS ECS H-G FLO 6-8_A
PDF1.63 MB Download
M002680A1 ENC Pompe H FLO 6-8 SMS CLAMP DIN 11851_A
PDF1.21 MB Download
M002680A2 ENC Pompe H FLO 6-8 DIN 11864 BF A_A
PDF1.15 MB Download
M002680A3 ENC Pompe G FLO 6-8 PN16 PN20_A
PDF1.08 MB Download
M002680A4 ENC Pompe H-G FLO 6-8 EV_A
PDF814.09 KB Download