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The ideal pumping technology for the harshest applications

Mouvex® is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquids or dry bulk products worldwide.

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SLC Series Eccentric Disc Pumps

Mouvex® SLC Series Eccentric Disc Pumps have been designed to provide premium performance and the ultimate in full containment and safety in chemical-processing applications. They feature a unique seal-less design with a double stainless-steel bellows that ensures durability, safety and product containment. The result is a pump that delivers very high suction and discharge pressures that allow it to self-prime and fully maximize product containment. SLC Series pumps are ideally suited for the safe transfer of critical high-value fluids.

Your solution for chemical and industrial applications requiring full product containment (zero leak) (up to 18 m³/h / 79 GPM).

Performance and Specifications


  • Constant volumetric efficiency
  • Low shear rate
  • High vacuum and compression effect
  • Self-priming
  • Dry running up to five minutes
  • Constant performance over time
  • Shaft sealing by double stainless-steel bellows
  • Easier and reduced maintenance
  • Reduced number of components


  • ISO PN 20 flanges / ANSI 150 flanges
  • ISO PN 16 flanges
  • Heating jacket

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Markets and Applications

Chemical and Industrial

Transfer applications that require consistent non-pulsing flow and gentle fluid handling (low-shear rates), including isocyanates, polyols, alcohol, acid, additives, solvents, glues, paint and coatings, methacrylate, soda, ether and detergents