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The ideal pumping technology for the harshest applications

Mouvex® is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquids or dry bulk products worldwide.

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Our History: Carrying on the Mouvex Spirit

Mouvex® was established in 1906 by the engineer André Petit when he identified the challenges that gear and lobe pump users were facing in optimizing their process and invented the eccentric disc pump as a result. His successors have all followed in his footsteps, including his son Albert, who ran the company from 1938 until it was taken over in 1998 by Blackmer®. With the help of Blackmer, Mouvex transitioned from a highly successful company in the French marketplace into a truly global organization, expanding its product offerings to include rotary vane and screw compressors, and peristaltic hose pumps. Mouvex became part of PSG® in 2008, and now has operations on five continents with a global network of distributors and original equipment manufacturers.

The success of Mouvex can be attributed to the expertise of its highly competent staff, who adhere to the company's core values: safety, quality, schedule, cost and community. Mouvex takes great pride in its consumer relationships, and is not only committed to the quality of the products it produces, but also to how it conducts business with its partners and consumers. Mouvex is committed to over-delivering to customers and actively participating in their future global performance and growth, giving constant focus to improving the quality and innovation behind its service and products.

Today, Mouvex is a global corporation focused on developing new products and conquering new markets to ensure the company’s future throughout the century to come.

Our Vision

  • Go beyond customers needs and participate actively to their future global performance
  • Give constant focus on product and service quality and innovation

Our Values

Security • Integrity • Honesty • Trust • Commitment • Pride

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