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Mouvex® is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquids or dry bulk products worldwide.

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Quality / Certifications

QSE Integrated Management

At Mouvex®, the notion of quality is not just limited to our products. Specialized technical advice, after-sales services and certified training centers have significantly contributed to the success of our products.

The certification of our quality management according to ISO 9001 confirms the awareness of quality of our employees at all levels. Our management system is certified according to EN ISO 9001 (Quality) and EN ISO 14001 (Environment) and in conformity with the requirements of OHSAS: 18001 (Health and Safety at Work).

Our QSE Policy is led by three main components:


The strategic position of Mouvex as a premium supplier requires a very high level of products and services, in addition to providing unmatched lead times.


Mouvex is dedicated to reducing risks at our facilities by improving the welfare of daily tasks and working conditions . We are dedicated to respecting and supporting our employees, channel partners and vendors.


Mouvex is dedicated meeting the global environmental needs of today and tomorrow.


Voluntary approach for Certificate ISO 14001: Determination of a real "Environment" policy and definition of coherent and coordinated Action Plans.

Health & Safety

Voluntary approach for Certificate OHSAS 18001: Implementation of a proactive policy for the prevention of the industrial accidents.

Security - Quality - Environmental Policy

Management Commitment

Security, Quality, Schedule and Ethics are values we share Dover Corporation and, more particularly, within PSG. It is thus quite naturally that our QSE policy is based on the following core principles:

Zero accident by reducing and preventing the risks at work while improving the well-being in our daily tasks and working conditions, the mutual respect and assistance.
The strategic positioning of Mouvex as a premium supplier requires that our products and services are irreproachable. All of our attention is focused on supplying high-level products and a services, both from the point of view of quality and schedule.
The consideration of life cycle of product and the reduction of the impact of our activity to the everyday life on the environment (prevention of pollution, reduction of energy consumption and valuation of waste).

Associated to our values, like ethics and the exemplary nature, these commitments allow us to be recognized in our fields of expertise, to be close and tuned to our customers and to our coworkers and to be rigorous in our way of functioning.

This policy is based on the application of a QSE management system organized around the following axes:

  1. The motivation of the staff in the definition and application of security, quality and environment rules, the training at the risks and at the means of prevention or protection.
  2. The formalization of the processes of the company, their evaluation and their adaptation if needed, according to the company’s evolution.
  3. The determination of ambitious and realistic objectives, and the indicators allowing their follow-up.
  4. The analysis of the dysfunctions (NC - Complaints) and the sources of progress (audits), determination and implementation of the actions of improvements.
  5. The control of energies consumed by our processes and the decrease of the resulting waste.
  6. The consideration and the application of the applicable legal, statutory, normative or contractual requirement including nuclear safety culture.
  7. The satisfaction of our customers by maintaining our level of quality, logistics and service.

To ensure the success of our approach as well as the continued existence of our company, we must, each and all together, moved by a team spirit without defect, pay extreme attention to the permanent improvement of the essential axes of our QSE policy.

The entire Executive committee of Mouvex makes the commitment to lead the company’s orientations according to this policy, by making sure of the availability of the necessary resources and by communicating on the efficiency of our QSE management system within the establishment.

Auxerre, France, the 25th of June 2018