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Screw Compressor Technology

Within the compressor body there are two screws with matching profiles: a female and a male screw. The female screw has concave inlets and the male screw has convex helical inlets. The screws rotate in opposite directions with the female screw receiving the driving power and transmitting this power to the male screw through a set of synchronization gears. Screw compressors have three phases that they must go through in order to work properly. The first is the Intake Phase, the second is the Compression Phase, and the last is the Exhaust Phase.

Intake Phase

As the screws rotate, the air is drawn into the inlet port and fills up the space between the screws.

Compression Phase

The second phase begins when the end of a male thread blocks the end of a female thread. The volume available between the compressor body and these two threads then progressively decrease during rotation.

Exhaust Phase

The last phase is when this volume merges into the delivery outlet of the compressor.

Throughout the process, the female screw and male screw do not come into contact with each other. This means no wear, total reliability and non-pulsating air delivery. These compressor/blowers can be used in either a mobile or stationary application, and can be driven by a PTO, electric motor or hydraulic power system. A complete range of dedicated ancillary products are available to support this line.