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Chem-Fuse Savings Calculator

Personalized savings calculations for your operation

Instantly see your potential savings based on the pre-filled standard mean time between failure data for Chem-Fuse and Conventional Diaphragms.

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4 Reasons Why AODD Pumps Are Ideal for the Chemical-Processing Industry

by PSG | Nov 22, 2022

In 1955, Jim Wilden invented the air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump to meet the strict demands of the chemical-processing industry. Since then, AODD technology has earned a reputation for being the ideal solution for chemical-handling and transfer applications, offering an array of features designed for simple and seal-less operation.

In particular,  there are four key areas in which AODD pumps will outperform competitive technologies in terms of efficient, reliable and cost-effective operation:

Low Air Consumption

Keeping air usage low is critical to maintaining a healthy environment and a healthy processing plant, and recent technological advances have taken significant steps toward realizing these goals.

A such advancement can be found in the Wilden Pro-Flo® SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS), which drastically reduces the amount of “wasted” air that had traditionally been lost to the atmosphere. This allows the Wilden AODD pump to realize up to 60% savings in air consumption (over competitors), improves the pump’s suction-lift capabilities and enables the pump to better handle high inlet pressures, all while delivering more yield per standard cubic per minute (scfm) of air consumed than AODDs that feature traditional ADS technology.

Low Maintenance Through Proper Diaphragm Selection
Diaphragm pumps have a unique benefit when compared to many rotating-pump technologies in that they don’t require any seals. Elimination of the need for packing or expensive mechanical seals means that maintenance costs tend to be inexpensive and infrequent. Combined with the ease of operation, AODDs are a true “set-and-forget” type of pump, provided the right diaphragms are selected for the application.

Along with the advances in ADS design and operation, the improvements made in diaphragm construction and function over the years have been meaningful. This includes the Wilden Chem-Fuse Integral Piston Diaphragm (IPD). Unlike conventional diaphragms, the outer piston in the Chem-Fuse IPD is completely encapsulated within the diaphragm’s thermoplastic (TPE) elastomer material, which removes outer piston abrasion and leak points and offers excellent product-containment, limiting downtime and maintenance.

Versatility and Compatibility

Unlike other pump technology, AODD pumps are designed for a wide range of transfer applications with varying degrees of viscosity and can run dry and strip discharge lines without getting damaged. AODD pumps are also simple devices and their control relies solely on solenoid operators, pump-cycle counters and surge-dampeners.

Additionally, a new generation of AODD pump styles – highlighted by Wilden’s bolted pump models – have been designed to be direct bolt-to-bolt and pipe-to-pipe drop-in replacements in existing pumping systems. This makes them a cost-effective way to upgrade fluid-transfer performance while simultaneously realizing the benefits inherent in the operation of an AODD pump


Quality pump construction is key when handling dangerous chemicals, and using a pump designed with the right materials is important to the safety of a plant. With the availability of a wide range of materials, AODD pumps can satisfy the demands of any chemical-handling application. Providing a high level of product containment along with enhanced flow paths that increase flow rates, AODD pumps minimize expensive chemical leakage that can be extremely harmful to operators and the environment.

With a simple and innovative design, AODD pumps – specifically those engineered by Wilden – provide efficiency, reliability and safety. To learn more about how Wilden meets the strict demands of the chemical-processing industry, read the white paper: 4 Reasons To Choose AODD Pumps For Chemical Processes.