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Chem-Fuse Savings Calculator

Personalized savings calculations for your operation

Instantly see your potential savings based on the pre-filled standard mean time between failure data for Chem-Fuse and Conventional Diaphragms.

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Wilden® ATEX-Compliant AODD Pumps: Combining Unparalleled Excellence with a Higher Degree of Protection

by Wilden | Sep 18, 2023

When our customers think of Wilden®, they think of the high-quality standards that provide them the confidence to use our simple, efficient and reliable air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumping technology in demanding applications. 

While every pumping application comes with unique challenges, critical applications within potentially explosive atmospheres – including chemical plants, petrochemical facilities, pharmaceutical industries, refineries, mining operations and more – require AODD pumping technology that offers a higher degree of protection.

To provide operators with the peace of mind of safety and reliability when working in these dangerous environments, Wilden offers the groundable, ATEX-compliant, 25 mm (1″) ProFlo® Saniflo™ FDA Series Clamped Metal AODD Pump.

What is ATEX?

ATEX is an abbreviation of the French "Atmosphères Explosibles" (or explosive atmospheres, in English). 

ATEX directive 99/92/EC is a European Union (EU) directive that deals with regulating equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres or zones. The ATEX directive 2014/34/EU requires manufacturers of equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres, like AODD pumps, to adopt ATEX certification. 

Potentially explosive atmospheres are hazardous zones due to the presence of flammable gases, vapors, mists or combustible dust. When proper precautions aren’t taken, these atmospheres pose significant safety risks to workers and the environment. 

Why are ATEX compliant AODD pumps important?

ATEX is crucial for AODD pumps as it ensures these pumps can be safely used in hazardous environments by minimizing the risk of explosions and complying with essential safety regulations. 

ATEX-compliant AODD pumps are designed and tested to ensure they do not generate sparks or exceed surface temperature limits that could ignite flammable substances, making them ideal for potentially explosive atmospheres.

In many regions, including the EU, companies must comply with ATEX regulations when operating in explosive atmospheres. Failure to follow these regulations can result in significant safety risks and legal consequences.

Because these standards are often viewed as a worldwide benchmark for safety in explosive atmospheres, adhering to ATEX guidelines can be beneficial, even for companies outside the EU. For this reason, many companies adopt ATEX-compliant AODD pumps to maintain consistent safety practices across their operations.

The Groundable, ATEX Compliant, Wilden AODD Pump

Wilden is pleased to offer the 25 mm (1″) ProFlo Saniflo FDA Series Clamped Metal AODD Pump model, which is compliant with the European Union Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX), making it ideal for operation in potentially explosive environments. 

Constructed of a conductive polypropylene center section, the ATEX-compliant pump features a specific grounding terminal, straight flow-through design and Tri-clamp style fittings, helping ensure reliability and performance in hazardous atmospheres, reducing the risk of explosions and protecting the safety of operators.

The groundable, ATEX-compliant, ProFlo Saniflo FDA Series Clamped Metal AODD Pump is simple to install and easy to use, offering easy maintenance and robust durability required in demanding applications in hazardous environments.  

Saniflo™ FDA Series pumps are designed for standard food applications that don’t require the Hygienic™ Series (HS) design or clean-in-place (CIP) capability. They are well suited for sanitary applications moving high-acid, high-sugar and high-fat media. With simple installation and robust design, FDA pumps comply with FDA, CE, EC 1935/2004 and ATEX requirements.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our ATEX-compliant AODD pump. For more information about our quality standards and certifications, click here.