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Wilden® Small AODD Pumps: Elegant Simplicity Meets Reliable Performance

by Wilden | Oct 16, 2023

Combining elegant simplicity with reliable performance, Wilden® offers a comprehensive line of small air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps for end users who face the challenges of small-dosing applications.

Comprised of Pro-Flo® Series, Pro-Flo® SHIFT Series, and Accu-Flo™ models, Wilden small AODD pumps utilize advanced technology to reduce energy and air consumption, minimize maintenance and increase productivity.

Available in sizes from 6 mm (¼”) to 25 mm (1”), small AODD pumps from Wilden are available in bolted and clamped designs. The bolted design offers maximum performance, efficiency and fluid containment, while the clamped design offers easier access for maintenance without affecting pump reliability.

Each small AODD pump offers the signature Wilden simple, reliable and efficient design along with the extreme flexibility and dependable performance required in demanding small-dosing applications.

Small-Dosing Applications
Due to their compact design, ability to handle low flow rates, and offer accurate and repeatable dosing, Wilden small AODD pumps are well suited for the following small-dosing applications.

  • Chemical Dosing, Additive Injection, Sampling
    Wilden small AODD pumps can be used for accurate chemical dosing in various industrial processes, including water treatment, wastewater treatment and chemical manufacturing. They can handle a wide range of chemicals with a range of viscosities and deliver precise amounts, ensuring consistent treatment and minimizing waste.
  • Lube Oil
    Wilden small AODD pumps are known for delivering accurate and repeatable dosages of fluids in small-dosing lube oil applications where the right amount of oil or lubrication is critical. These pumps offer consistency and controlled dispensing to help ensure the oil is delivered precisely where it is needed without overspray or wastage.
  • Paints and Inks, Surface Treatment
    Wilden small AODD pumps have a gentle pumping action and adjustable flow rates, crucial for protecting sensitive fluids with different viscosities and characteristics common in coating, painting, spraying, cleaning and surface treatment applications. These pumps also allow operators to precisely control the amount of fluid being dispensed.
  • Commercial Laundry
    Wilden small AODD pumps offer precision dosing, adaptability to various chemicals, and controlled dispensing to reduce the risk of spills, prevent cross-contamination and optimize the use of laundry chemicals, which is crucial in commercial laundry facilities.

In all these applications, AODD pumps offer several advantages, including self-priming and dry-run capabilities and handling fluids with solids or abrasive particles. Additionally, since these pumps are air operated, they eliminate the need for electrical power near the dispensing area, contributing to a safer working environment.

The simple, compact and portable design of Wilden small AODD pumps allows for easy installation and maintenance, making them an ideal choice for small-dosing applications across different industries.

Download our flyer for more information about the Wilden comprehensive line of small AODD pumps.

Please contact your Authorized Wilden Distributor to learn how small AODD pumps from Wilden can optimize your small-dosing applications.