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Wilden® Minimizes Product Recalls With Saniflo™ Hygienic™ Series AODD Pumps

by Tom Staton | Mar 16, 2023

From a delicious home-cooked meal to a relaxing glass of wine, food and beverages provide the nutrients and satisfaction that are essential to life. That’s why food and beverage operations are tasked with following strict health regulations to help ensure a variety of products remain safe for human consumption. However, food and beverage processors are faced with many challenges, including product recalls and loss from contamination.

“Manufacturers are doing everything possible to avoid product recalls or losses,” says Tom Zuckett, Americans Northeast regional sales manager for PSG®. “That’s why we’ve designed our Wilden® Saniflo™ Hygienic™ Series Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps to be highly cleanable and drainable.”

One–Of–A–Kind Design

Saniflo Hygienic Series Diaphragm Pumps are designed for the high-cleanliness requirements of food and beverage applications. The flow-through liquid-path design eliminates any potential areas where residue can become trapped. At the same time, the free-draining flow path provides quick and easy draining without needing to disassemble the pump, allowing for clean-in-place (CIP) capability. This state-of-the-art design helps simplify cleaning and ensures high cleanliness, further reducing contamination risk, costs and downtime. In fact, the Saniflo Hygienic Series is the only US-manufactured AODD pump in the industry to have 3A certifications for CIP operations.

“Additionally, when equipped with Wilden Pure-Fuse Integral Piston Diaphragm (IPD) technology, the common bacteria trap in standard diaphragms is eliminated,” Zuckett says. “Pure-Fuse diaphragms are also much easier to clean between product changeovers and have a much longer service life. Because the diaphragm doesn’t hold back fluids, bacteria traps are eliminated.”

The AODD pumps also help in production environments commonly manned by new operators, Zuckett points out. “These operators have fewer skills, so air-operated systems are easier for them; they’re more forgiving,” he says.

Energy efficiency is also a factor for Saniflo Hygienic Series pumps thanks to the Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT air distribution system (ADS). The design of the Pro-Flo SHIFT optimizes the Saniflo Hygienic Series’ performance by lowering air and energy consumption, increasing productivity, minimizing maintenance and reducing compressed air costs by up to 60%.

The responsibility that comes with handling products intended for human consumption is challenging. For this reason, food and beverage operations need simple, reliable and energy-efficient Saniflo Hygienic Series Pumps to help operations provide the food and beverages people enjoy and need by minimizing the risk of product recalls and loss due to contamination.

Please click here to learn more about how Wilden Saniflo Hygienic Series Pumps optimize food and beverage operations.