Our Solutions for TFF

PSG Biotech offers best-in-class pumps, flow sensors and meters, and flow controls engineered to reliably and safely transfer and precisely meter critical biologic liquids handled during TFF processes. Specifically, they are able to adequately establish and control two significant operational variables in the TFF process: recirculation rate and trans-membrane pressure (TMP). Only when these variables are properly achieved and maintained will the TFF process realize its peak performance level.

Four-Piston Diaphragm Pumps

PSG Biotech offers Quattroflow® Four-Piston Diaphragm Pumps in single- and multi-use configurations, both of which meet all of the operational requirements necessary to ensure the safe, cost-effective, efficient and reliable transfer of biological materials in TFF processes.

OEM Pump Solutions

PSG Biotech has developed a full range of high-precision flow control pump controllers, valves and pulsation dampeners that directly interface with flow sensors/meters to deliver superior flow-measurement accuracy, which helps improve overall performance in TFF applications.

Flow Meters

The BioProTT™ Flow Sensor equipment and systems from PSG Biotech provide optimum performance in TFF applications. These solutions include contact-free, inline ultrasonic flow-measurement systems and single-use technologies specifically designed for biologic-manufacturing campaigns.

Why Quattroflow/PSG Biotech Pumps are the Best Option for TFF

  • Four-piston design does not require any mechanical seals or wetted rotating parts, which helps ensure total product containment with minimal risk of shear, pulsation and particulate generation occurring
  • Self-priming operation with high turndown ratios that enable the creation of consistent low-shear and low-pulsation operation that is essential for a stable and steady TFF process
  • Four-piston pumps require up to 50% less energy to operate: less energy = less heat input = less shear stress = less product damage = higher product yields

Explore the challenges that must be overcome for a successful TFF process and why four-piston diaphragm pumps outperform other technologies for TFF success.

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Why PSG Biotech Pump Controllers and Flow Meters are the Best Option for TFF

  • The award-winning BioProTT™ FlowSU System is easily integrated with the pump via a smart connection that enables it to deliver highly accurate flow measurement with no obstructions within the flow path
  • The Q-Control Integrated Pump Controller is a proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controller within the pump itself, which gives the pump the capability to directly interface with pressure and flow sensors
  • SumoFlo® Coriolis Flow Meters offer +/-1% flow-rate reading accuracy that is unaffected by flow regime or variations to the velocity profile, allowing for accurate measurements of liquids transferred in TFF applications
  • BioProTT™ Clamp-On Sensors use the ultrasonic transit-time method to ensure that every measurement is non-invasive, which is a critical concern when transferring hygienic liquids in TFF applications

Discover why PSG Biotech flow sensors/meters and pump controllers have been designed to outperform competitive technologies, leading to optimized TFF performance.

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Caring for Every Drop

250,000+ PSG Biotech products have been sold in over 50 countries

“Having used PSG® Biotech products since 2021, I have worked with many early adopters and have even seen a Quattroflow® pump that is still in operation that was one of the first five pumps ever sold! Just recently, I found a pump manufactured in 2003, also still in operation, so, as long as you use them within the parameters of the operating manual and with correct maintenance, these pumps are nearly indestructible.”

Mag. pharm. Dr. Birgit Zonsics, Product Manager, Sonnek Engineering GmbH

“We have been working with PSG® Biotech products for 15 to 20 years now and there are three compelling reasons for our loyalty to these products. First, the pumps and flow meters are easy-to-use/plug-and-play, which is in-line with one of our goals at Hitma. The second reason is the good quality that they deliver, and finally, the continued innovation that PSG Biotech brings to the market.”

Kevin de Jager, Outside Sales Engineer, Hitma Group

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Uncover why PSG Biotech four-piston diaphragm pumps, flow sensors/meters and pump controllers surpass competitors’ technologies for excellence in TFF applications.


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