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Ensuring total product containment without abrasion

The Quattroflow® pump's method of operation allows it to gently, safely and securely convey aqueous solutions and biological products that are shear sensitive.

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Quattroflow Markets

Ideal solutions for critical applications

Quattroflow® develops and manufactures quaternary (four-piston) diaphragm pumps specifically designed for critical applications in the biopharma industry.

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Accessories for Quattroflow Quaternary Pumps

Control Box

  • Variable speed controller with integrated key pad for manual speed control
  • Configurable for remote speed control with 4-20 mA analogue input
  • 400 V, 3P for models QF4400/QF5050/QF20k (image right)
  • Hygienic 1.4301 housing, IP 54
  • Easy plug-and-play installation
Control-Box for Quattroflow Biopharma Pumps

Power Box

  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Protects system and pump from overpressure
  • Configurable pressure switch set point
  • Reset button
  • Should be used with pressure switch (also available)
  • For multiple-use models only

Diaphragm Sensor

  • Sensor installed in ring-drive unit
  • Detects all liquids
  • Signal output to a controller or an existing PLC if diaphragm is ruptured
Quattroflow Diaphragm Sensor

PID Pressure Controller

  • Ideal for processes where the pump should be controlled to a defined pressure or flow rate (e.g. for filtration)
  • 4-20 mA input for pressure or flow sensor
  • 24 VDC voltage supply for sensors
  • Autotune function for optimization of PID parameters
  • 0-5 VDC output signal for use with QF150 or QF1200CV (requires optional analogue input)
  • Configurable alarm set points for automatic shutoff

Mounting Aid

  • Makes pump maintenance and chamber replacement easier
  • Available for QF10k and QF20k pump sizes