Quattroflow OEM Pumps

Innovative Design for Improved System Integration

Quattroflow® has created a solution for product-handling applications that require unique system integration with the OEM Pump Series. For easy handling and maintenance, these compact four-piston diaphragm pumps come without any housing and offer a small footprint and mounting solutions that have been designed for improved system integration. Engineered for multiple-use and single-use pumps, the OEM Pump Series offers a synchronous servomotor (230V/400V) that allows a wide flow range and multiple connections to external PLC systems. With a streamlined design intended for efficiency and system integration, the OEM Pump Series provides a dynamic solution for critical applications.


  • Applicable cables in multiple length options
  • Gasket solutions to seal pump and system connection point
  • VFD with optional communication cards (ProfiNET, EtherNET, IP, etc.) for connection to external PLC systems
OEM Illustration