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Quattroflow Patents

Title Patent Number Region
Diaphragm pump for use in e.g. biotechnology field, has outlet chamber arranged concentrically to inlet chamber, where outlet chamber at its lower area exhibits outlet channel and inlet chamber exhibits centrically arranged inlet channel DE102008035592B4 Germany
Mixer for mixing e.g. air in bioreactor, has central outlet chamber connected with lateral openings to form annular outlet chamber, and pumping intake connected with intake terminal DE102010031860B4 Germany
Membrane Pump EP3327287A1
(in official examination procedure)
Diaphragm Pump US2018142684A1 United States of America
Membrane Pump JP2018084233A 
(in official examination procedure)
Valve Assemblies for a Diaphragm Pump DE102019106370A1 
(in official examination procedure)
Valve Assemblies for a Diaphragm Pump WO2020182921A1
(in official examination procedure)
Spannvorrichtung für eine Vorrichtung zur Förderung von Fluid und Vorrichtung zur Förderung von Fluid  DE102018008037B4  Germany
Clamping device for a device for conveying fluid, and device for conveying fluid WO2020074579A1
(in official examination procedure)
Diaphragm Pump  DE102018008036A1
(in official examination procedure)
Diaphragm Pump WO2020074576A1
(in official examination procedure)