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Quattroflow Biopharma Pump QF30SU Single-Use Quattroflow Biopharma Pump QF30SU Single-Use Pump Chamber QF30SU-OEM

Quattroflow QF30SU Max. Flow Rate 30 lph


  • Disposable pump chamber with tool-free installation
  • Retrofittable on QF150 drives
  • 500:1 turn-down ratio
  • Linear flow performance
  • 0.06 – 30 lph flow range (1-500 ml/min), max. 4 bar (58 psi)
  • Analog input, 0-5 VDC
  • Typical applications include: Chromatography, TFF and virus filtration


  • OEM design for easy skid integration
  • Extended turndown ratio
  • Global power supply and motor certification
  • Multiple accessories (VFD, Cable, Gasket) available
  • Flange adapters for additional motor types available

Technical Data

Standard Motor QF30SU HT* QF30SU OEM
Flow Rate Maximum Eccentric Shaft 3° 30 lph (500 mlpm) 30 lph (500 mlpm)
Flow Rate Minimum Eccentric Shaft 3° 0.06 lph (1 mlpm) 0.06 lph (1 mlpm) 
Pressure Temperature of Fluid < 40°C (104°F) 4 bar (58 psi) 4 bar (58 psi)
Temperature of Fluid > 40°C (104°F) 4 bar (58 psi) 4 bar (58 psi)
Maximum Temperature Fluid 60°C (146°F) 60°C (146°F)
Minimum Temperature Fluid 4°C (39,2°F) 4°C (39,2°F)
Pump Speed Range rpm 1 – 1,000 1 – 1,000
Suction Lift Dry Eccentric Shaft 3° 1 m (3.28 ft) 1 m (3.28 ft) 
Volume Specifications Approximated Volume per Revolution at Free Output 0,59 ml (3°)
0,59 ml (3°)
Approximated Filling Volume Without Connectors 5.2 ml 5.2 ml 
Connection Specification (Standard) Connectors Hosebarb 4 mm Hosebarb 4 mm
Position of Connectors Front Front
Product Wetted Materials (Standard) Pump Chamber PP PP
Valve Plate PP PP
Diaphragms TPE TPE
Certificates/Proofs (Optional) Elastomer (product wetted) USP <88> Cl. VI; FDA21CFR177;
USP <88> Cl. VI; FDA21CFR177;
Motor Type Brushless DC
Rated Speed 3500 min-1 3000 min-1
Voltage 100-264 VAC 3 x 230V / 3 x 400V
Power 250 W
Pump Dimension with Motor and Housing Length* 342 mm (13.46") 287 mm (11.30")
Width* 200 mm (7.87") 100 mm (3.94")
Height* 217 mm (8.54") 130 mm (5.12")
Pump Weight with Motor and Housing 8,7 kg (19.1 lb) 6.1 kg (13.4 lb)
* Dimensions of the new QF30SU-HT pump. Old QF30SU pumps will be sold according to availability with smaller dimensions.


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Quattroflow Biopharma Pump QF30SU Single-Use Performance Chart



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