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QuattroMix Quattroflow Pumps and Mixing Processes

The Quattroflow® QuattroMix Single-Use Mixing System features a Quattroflow Quaternary (Four-Piston) Diaphragm Pump used to circulate liquids and solids inside a mixing bag in order to achieve the necessary mix and dilution rates, all within an optimized time frame. The QuattroMix system is suitable for liquid-liquid and also for many solid-liquid mixing applications.

The QuattroMix system has a very basic, easy-to-understand operating principle. A single-use mixing bag is filled via a Quattroflow pump through a 16-hole mixing plate that is built into the bag. After the proper amount of mixing agent is injected into the mixing bag, Quattroflow’s pumping action forces the liquid from the bottom of the bag up around the outer walls and back down through the mixing plate where it is recirculated through the pump.

The unique operation of Quattroflow pumps gives them distinct operational advantages over competitive types of mixing systems. Quattroflow's pump chambers contain no rotating parts that can be subject to friction, meaning that there is no operational heat buildup that can compromise the product. This mode of operation also means that the pumps can run dry, are self-priming and produce little or no shear because of low slip. In addition, they offer low-pulsation and leak-free operation. Quattroflow pumps also have some of the highest turndown capabilities in the industry, which ensures that the pump’s operation does not adversely affect repeatability and production rates.

Features at a glance:

  • Random Vector Agitation (RVA): Reducing poor effects of vortex produced by other mixers
  • Filling and emptying of the bag
  • Mixing solutions by recirculation without rotating wetted parts
  • Post-mixing processes like sterile filtration, flow through chromatography and more
  • Mixer with 16 outlet nozzles for 360° mixing
  • Exocirculation loop allows integration of inline sensors (pH, conductivity, temperature or UV) or the use of heat exchanger for cooling/heating of media
  • Suitable for 2D and 3D bags; can easily be welded into each available bag

For additional technical data, view the QuattroMix Flyer.

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QuattroMix Diagram

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