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Quattroflow Biopharma Pump QF5050SU Single-Use

Quattroflow 5050SU Ma. Flow Rate 5000 lph

  • Disposable wetted product chamber
  • Pump chamber made of solid polypropylene
  • Compact footprint
  • High turndown ratio
  • Multi-option installation flexibility
  • Separate control box for manual operation available

Technical Data

QF5050SU Servo Motor
Flow Rate Maximum Eccentric Shaft 6° 5000 lph (83 lpm)
Flow Rate Minimum Eccentric Shaft 6° 50 lph (0.83.lpm)
Pressure Temperature of Fluid < 40°C (104°F) 4 bar (58 psi)
Temperature of Fluid > 40°C (104°F) 4 bar (58 psi)
Maximum Temperature Fluid 60°C (140°F)
Autoclave 130°C (266°F)
Suction Lift Dry
at 1,200 rpm
Eccentric Shaft 6° 4 – 4.5 m (13.1-14.7 ft)
Volume Specifications Approximated Volume per
Revolution at Free Output
95 ml
Filling Volume Without Connectors 820 ml
Connection Specification (Standard) Connectors 1.5" TC
Position of Connectors Front
Product Wetted Materials (Standard) Pump Chamber PP
Valve Plate PP
Diaphragms TPE
Valves EPDM / SS316L
O-rings EPDM
Certificates/Proofs (Optional) Elastomere (product wetted) USP <88> Cl. VI; FDA21CFR177;
BSE/TSE Safe; USP 87/381/661
Motor Rated speed 3000 min -1 (2.66:1 reduction)
Voltage 400 V
Power 3 kW
Pump Dimension with Motor and Housing Length 440 mm (17.32")
Width 325 mm (12.80")
Height 320 mm (12.60")
Pump Weight with Motor and Housing 51 kg (112 lb)

Other connection specifications, materials and motors available on request.


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Quattroflow Biopharma Pump QF5050SU Single-Use Performance Chart


Quattroflow Biopharma Pump QF5050SU Single-Use Performance Chart



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