New QF10k Size Pump Extends The Quattroflow Multiple-Use Product Line

by PSG | Apr 01, 2018

Quattroflow™ has extended its Multiple-Use pump product line with the newly developed QF10k size pump.

QF10k-PumpThe QF10k provides a flow range between 500 and 10,000 lph while keeping all other typical Quattroflow characteristics such as 6 barg max pressure, CIP, and SIP. The improved patent pending stainless steel pump chamber design allows for excellent drainability to maximize product recovery. The new QF10k fills the gap between the existing QF4400, 5050 and QF20k pump sizes. The complete Quattroflow Multiple-Use pump range now covers a flow capacity between 1 and 20,000 lph with six pump sizes available – the right Quattroflow pump for all applications.

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