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What are Laboratory Pumps and Sensors?

Laboratory pumps and sensors are commonly used in biopharma companies e.g. for the handling, transfer, measurement or filtration of media during both the research and process development stage.

The application can be as simple as transferring a liquid from one vessel or bag to another, up to demanding process development applications where optimal flow and pressure conditions are tested e.g. in a filtration setup. The demands of the application, along with such operational parameters as required flow rate or maximum pumping pressures will play a role in helping identify, acquire and implement a proper lab pump and sensor for the process.

Why should Quattroflow® laboratory pumps be used for biopharmaceutical applications?

Quattroflow pumps operate via a four-piston diaphragm design that mirrors the operation of the human heart. This pumping principle allows the following advantages in biopharmaceutical applications:

  • Self priming
  • Low pulsation
  • Safe dry run
  • Low heat input
  • Minimum particle source
  • Simple maintenance
  • No mechanical seal
  • Cleanable multiple-use chambers
  • Disposable single-use chambers
  • Proportional (linear) flow characteristics
  • Broad flow ranges
  • Autoclaveable pump chambers

The Right Quattroflow Pump for Lab Applications

Quattroflow recommends the following pump models for use in critical biopharmaceutical process-development and small-scale applications:
Pumps Flow Rates

Quattroflow Laboratory Pump Drive Options

Another consideration when selecting a pump for laboratory applications is the type of drive that will be used.
Quattroflow offers two drive options:

  • Q-Control: This is an integrated pump controller that Quattroflow has developed for use on all models of its single-use and multiple-use pumps. The Q-Control controller has built-in smart-control functions that interface with the pump’s pressure and flow sensors in order to create automated control over the pump’s operation. Q-Control also offers the ability to set high-pressure alarm points that, if exceeded, will automatically shut the pump down, data logging that records pressure levels and flow rates over time, which enables data analysis via a USB. Q-Control is available for use on all multiple- and single-use variations of Quattroflow’s QF30, QF150, QF1200 and QF2500 lab pumps.
  • QF1200(S/SU)-HT & QF2500(S/SU)-HT: These pump models have been designed to answer the needs of laboratory facilities that have strict space-use requirements. The compact HT pumps have the same innovative features and benefits of the QF1200S/SU and QF2500S/SU models with one significant space-saving design element: the pump drive motor and control box are all integrated into the unit, resulting in a more precise design and smaller footprint for easier handling in even the most space-restricted tabletop and cleanroom applications.

Flow Measurement on a Laboratory Scale

Liquid-bearing systems are part of numerous laboratory processes. Reliable monitoring and control of media or buffer additions are therefore essential in the early phase of cell cultivation or scale-up.

The BioProTT™ and SumoFLO® product ranges of flow-measurement solutions of sensors, electronics and process instrumentation provide optimum additions to your applications. Includes contact-free, inline ultrasonic flow-measurement systems and innovations for single-use biopharmaceutical manufacturing techniques.

BioProTT FlowTrack SL for BioProcessing Sensor Systems and Laboratory Scale

Compact benchtop device for flow measurement applications on a lab scale.

Ultrasonic flow sensor for highly accurate flow measurement.


Single-Use Coriolis Flow Meter, provides Mass Flow Rate to as low as 0.5 g/min.


Single-Use Coriolis Flow Meter, provides Mass Flow Rate, Density, Volumetric Flow Rate, and Temperature, accurate to ±1% of reading.

Sensors Flow Rates

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