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Ebsray® designs and manufactures a comprehensive program of positive displacement and regenerative turbine pumps for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Ebsray RX33 Submersible Regenerative Turbine Pump

RX33 Submersible Regenerative Turbine Pump

Ebsray® RX Series Model RX33 Submersible Regenerative Turbine Pumps are specifically designed and precision built for efficient, high-pressure pumping of LPG, Autogas, propane and butane from underground or aboveground storage tanks. The submersible design ensures rapid priming and immediate pump flow and pressure even in particularly hot or cold environments where surface mounted pumps would not operate.

Features and Benefits

  • Single-stage pump reduces complexity
  • Quiet, smooth, pulse-free operation
  • Pumpset can be installed in existing 125 mm (5”) pump chambers
  • Submersible concept guarantees rapid priming and pressure generation
  • CE marked, ATEX compliant
  • Certified explosion-proof designed submersible electric motor
  • EU Certification - LCIE 03 ATEX 6390 ( ll 2 G Ex d llA T4 for Class 1 Zone 1)
  • IECEx Certification - IECEx LCI 05.0003
  • Materials of construction selected to withstand abnormal sulphur content in LPG
  • Internal "Bearing Cooling and Lubrication" (BCL™) System for ultimate pumpset reliability
  • Ebsray "Three-Tier" Protection System for pump, motor and pumping system
  • High differential pressure capability
  • Robust design, heavy-duty construction
  • Pumpset is designed to enable complete servicing by Ebsray


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Performance Data

Performance Data (50 Hz)
Max. Flows 90 L/min (23.7 gpm)
Max. Differential Pressure 9 bar (130 psi)
Max. Power Range 2.2 kW
Max. Speed 2,900 rpm


  • Underground or aboveground submersible LPG installations
  • Autogas driveway dispensing for single or multiple-hose sites

Materials of Construction

Part Material
Casing Ductile Iron/Steel
Impeller Bronze
Bearings Carbon Composite

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