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Ebsray® designs and manufactures a comprehensive program of positive displacement and regenerative turbine pumps for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Case Studies

FileTypeSizePublished OnDownload
CASE STUDY Antargaz Autogas – Out of Site, Peace of MindPDF1007.57 KB28 Jan, 2016 Download
CASE STUDY Autogas Dispensing In Hot Climates: The Pressure’s On Jan 2018PDF826.54 KB01 Jan, 2018 Download
CASE STUDY Ewapoint – Outfitting An Innovative Autogas InstallationPDF1.74 MB28 Sep, 2018 Download


FileTypeSizePublished OnDownload
ARTICLE Aus den Augen, aus dem Sinn (Flussiggas) Issue1 2017PDF162.18 KB01 Jan, 2017 Download
ARTICLE Choose The Best Pump For Autogas Applications (Gazeo)PDF551.62 KB23 Aug, 2016 Download
ARTICLE Choosing The Best Pump For LPG Autogas ApplicationsPDF114.46 KB11 Nov, 2016 Download
ARTICLE Diversify and Conquer (Processing Magazine) Jun09PDF1.22 MB01 Jun, 2009 Download
ARTICLE Ebsray LPG Autogas Pumps are Being Discrete for Antargaz (LPGas Today) April16PDF165.89 KB22 Apr, 2016 Download
ARTICLE LPG in heißen Klimazonen (Flussiggas) Issue2_2018PDF1.84 MB01 Feb, 2018 Download
ARTICLE Out Of Sight, Peace Of Mind April16PDF549.73 KB13 Apr, 2016 Download
ARTICLE The Advantage of Regenerative Turbine Pumps in Autogas Applications March 2022PDF1.33 MB06 Jul, 2022 Download

White Papers

FileTypeSizePublished OnDownload
WHITE PAPER Regenerative Turbine vs Side Channel PumpsPDF807.14 KB08 Sep, 2023 Download
WHITE PAPER Choosing the Best Pump for Autogas ApplicationsPDF727.08 KB07 Oct, 2020 Download

Application Bulletins

FileTypeSizePublished OnDownload
BULLETIN Ebsray Asphalt Burners Application Document (A4)PDF465.80 KB26 Mar, 2021 Download
BULLETIN Ebsray Blowing Agents Application Document (A4)PDF498.79 KB26 Mar, 2021 Download
BULLETIN Ebsray Butane Injection Application Document (A4)PDF526.46 KB26 Mar, 2021 Download
BULLETIN Ebsray Refrigerants Application Document (A4)PDF540.29 KB26 Mar, 2021 Download