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Ebsray® designs and manufactures a comprehensive program of positive displacement and regenerative turbine pumps for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Ebsray® provides ideal pumping solutions for loading and unloading of road or rail tankers, ship loading, and fuel transfer. Our Australian-made pumps are used to transfer gasoline, LPG, jet fuel, lube oils, and asphalt/bitumen within the plant or to and from storage tanks. Ebsray V Rotary Sliding Vane Pumps provide excellent self-priming and air-handling capabilities, with integral bypass valves and replaceable internal wear parts, including liners. Internal gear pumps and lobe pumps have a rugged and heavy-duty construction that are easy to maintain and offer high-efficiency performance. Ebsray RC Series Regenerative Turbine Pumps are specifically designed for low-flow, high-head duties on low-viscosity liquids in the oil and gas industry.  


  • Fuels
  • Lubricants
  • Biodiesel
  • Loading and unloading
Rotary Vane Pumps
  • Excellent self-priming and air handling
  • Integral bypass valve
  • Replaceable internal wear parts including liners
  • Various material options
Internal Gear Pumps
  • Broad range of material options
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Various mechanical seal options
Lobe Pumps
  • Mechanical seal/hydraulic packing
  • Heating/cooling jackets
  • Integral bypass/pressure relief valve - optional
  • High overall efficiency at high viscosities
Regenerative Turbine Pumps
  • Quiet, vibration-free operation
  • Low NPSHR
  • Low maintenance single stage impeller
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LPG – Autogas

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LPG – Autogas

The Autogas market is growing and Ebsray is meeting the challenge by providing precision-built, efficient, high-pressure pumping solutions. Ebsray pumps are versatile to be used in similar applications of cylinder filling, vaporizer feeding and bulk transfer.

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Asphalt – Bitumen

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Asphalt – Bitumen Market icon

Asphalt – Bitumen

Ebsray manufactures a family of premier pumps that are a superior choice in bitumen-handling applications. They offer a host of value-added operational characteristics that are important to maintain uptime and consistent performance under demanding conditions.

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