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Ebsray® designs and manufactures a comprehensive program of positive displacement and regenerative turbine pumps for a wide range of industrial applications.

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The History of Ebsray Pumps

Founded in Australia as a precision-engineering company in the 1920s, the company has continuously manufactured in the Sydney area since it's inception. In 1938, Ebsray® turned to pump design and manufacture and has grown into a leading supplier of specialized pumps for use in a wide array of industries, including chemical, petroleum liquids, mining, food and beverage, pulp and paper, municipal and utility services, and paint and coatings.

Significant Milestones


 Vivian Richard Ebsary started a toolmaking/precision-engineering business in Sydney, Australia. Three years later, the business became a registered company called VR Ebsary & Co.


 VR Ebsary & Co began manufacturing spare parts for some specific models of internal gear pumps while expanding its operations across Australia. What began as the manufacturing spare parts led to an increased numbers of finished pumps and/or completed pump units for the oil industry, which could not be readily and quickly sourced from overseas and did not satisfy the technical requirements needed locally at the time. In parallel, VR Ebsary & Co began succeeding in both reputation and respect within the oil industry in Australia, employing approximately 10-15 skilled tradesmen plus a small office staff.


 With the advent of WWII, the company was declared a "Protected Industry" by the Australian government. During this period, the company was involved with the responsibility of designing, developing, manufacturing and supplying the Australian military with a range of engineered products. This included the repair and manufacture of fuel-oil and fuel-transfer pumps on naval vessels, and the manufacture of high-pressure spur gear hydraulic pumps and motors.


 As Australia began post-war rebuilding, Ebsary made the strategic decision to focus his efforts towards manufacturing and marketing pumps rather than his previous toolmaking/general engineering line of business.


 The name of the company was changed from VR Ebsary & Co to Ebsray Pumps Pty Limited. The company changed names after finding that Ebsary was often misspelt and mispronounced, most often as Ebsray. Also during this time period, the manufacturing and marketing effort of the company was focused on suppling self-priming rotary positive displacement pumps that operated on the internal gear working principle and lobe pumps that excelled in the handling of high-viscosity products, including applications greater than 1,000,000 cSt. The company also manufactured a limited range of boiler food pumps that utilized the then little known regenerative turbine pump working principle, a range of compressor-vacuum pumps, and a patented rotary sleeve high-vacuum pump Ebsary invented. 


 The company introduced a full range of sliding vane pumps into the local market.


 As the Australian market for LPG (later to be known as Autogas) as an alternative automotive fuel was starting to gain acceptance, the Ebsray development team identified regenerative turbine technology as the best all-around and universally superior pumping principle for handling liquified gases and boiling liquids such as LPG. Based on this finding, two different sizes of aboveground pumps were designed and developed, and Ebsray quickly became the local "product of choice" in the rapidly expanding Australian retail Autogas market.


 Ebsray introduced its high-pressure, two-stage, low-NPSH boosted LPG/Autogas pump (RB10 model) for duties where larger diameter underground tanks were more frequently being installed.


 Ebsray is granted ISO 9001 accreditation.


 Ebsray develops an entirely new configuration and design of a regenerative turbine pump for dispensing Autogas/LPG: a submersible pump driven by an integrally mounted explosion-proof submersible electric motor arrangement for installation inside the underground LPG tank. The first model (RX10) became an instant success in Australia - known and appreciated for its superior performance, quiet operation and outstanding reliability. This trend soon gathered momentum in serving Autogas markets both inside and outside Australia; gaining respect and industry support in many of the major LPG/Autogas markets throughout Europe, in central and southeast Asia, and beyond.


 In furthering its range of LPG/Autogas pumps specifically for the European market, Ebsray introduced three new regenerative turbine pump models: the submersible RX33 (smaller than the RX10), and RC20 and RC25 aboveground pump models.


 Ebsray is acquired on May 1 by PSG, part of the Dover Corporation.