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Ebsray® designs and manufactures a comprehensive program of positive displacement and regenerative turbine pumps for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Regenerative Turbine Pumps

Ebsray® regenerative turbine pumps have been designed for low-flow, high-head duties with low-viscosity liquids, such as LPG, propane and butane. These pumps, which are available in two series – R and RX – offer exceptional performance and reliability even under extremely low NPSH operating conditions, and possess the ability to handle entrained vapors without due loss of efficiency or internal damage. Ebsray regenerative turbine pumps are CE marked and ATEX-compliant, and suitable for underground, aboveground and submersible LPG- and Autogas-pumping applications.

The regenerative turbine pump is a rotodynamic pump (as opposed to a positive displacement (PD) pump), and as such sits alongside the centrifugal family of pumps. It operates using an impeller that is a rotating, non-contacting, free-wheeling disc that has many small buckets or cells (typically about 60) on its periphery. When liquid enters the suction port of the regenerative turbine pump it is picked up by the impeller and instantly accelerated around in the narrow hydraulic channel (casing volute) surrounding the cells. The spiraling – or ‘winding-up’ – of the liquid many times (at sonic speeds) within the one revolution incrementally builds energy/pressure. This ‘winding-up’ of the numerous small liquid cells creates the differential pressure capability of the pump – hence the name regenerative turbine pump.

The regenerative turbine pump design is very unique and works on a different principle than PD pumps. They are ideal for handling clean liquids at or near their boiling point e.g., LPG, CO2, hot water (boiler feed).

Ebsray RC40

R Series

Regenerative turbine pumps used for LPG transfer from aboveground or underground tanks or on tank trucks.


RX Series

Series of submersible regenerative turbine pumps used in underground LPG storage tanks.