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Ebsray® designs and manufactures a comprehensive program of positive displacement and regenerative turbine pumps for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Ebsray Pump Controller for RX Pumps

Pump Controllers For Model RX Submersible Regenerative Turbine Pumps

Ebsray® pump controllers are an integral and fundamental part of a complete pumping system, ensuring proper pumpset performance and protection against operation outside the specified duty point. Protection is afforded with the "Three-Tier" Protection System, which monitors temperature, pressure and motor current. Optional models are available for total "LPG system" control. Ebsray pump controllers also include protection against dry-running/empty tank, closed or blocked discharge, high LPG temperatures and rapid cycling.

The basic functions of the system are:

  1. HBT – Operation of the pumpset will be halted if the internal motor temperature exceeds a preset maximum level.
  2. DPS – Operation of the pumpset will be halted if differential pressure falls below a preset minimum level during operation or is not developed within a preset time after startup.
  3. MOL – Operation of the pumpset will be halted if motor current exceeds a preset maximum level.

Features and Benefits

  • PLC-controlled LCD screen
  • Visible fault recognition
  • Run and fault logs recall
  • Protected fault isolation and retention
  • Isolation key switch for OFF/RUN/TEST modes
  • Adjustable DPS override timer
  • Hour run meter
  • Tamperproof enclosure
  • Pre-wired and pre-tested
  • IP55 Enclosure for non-hazardous area installation