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PSG brands represent a commitment to our customers by offering them safe, quality, reliable products with the best possible delivery in our industry.

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PSG® focuses on providing solutions to customers across a wide array of markets and industries. Our core competencies span several markets that cover nearly every aspect of daily life around the globe.

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Providing solutions across a variety of markets

PSG brands are always ready to assist with technical support for any of our products, parts or accessories.

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PSG® offers a variety of internal gear pumps ideally suited for applications where high or wide ranging viscosities are prevalent. Internal Gear pumps operate on the “gear within a gear” principle. Liquid enters the suction port between the teeth of the rotor gear (the larger exterior driven gear) and the idler gear (the smaller interior gear). As the pump rotates to suction the teeth of the gears come out of mesh, an atmospheric vacuum or low pressure zone is created at the suction port, pulling liquid into the spaces.

Features and Benefits

  • Port sizes up to 152 mm (6″)
  • Capacity capabilities ranging from 24 lpm (6.3 gpm) to 2,400 lpm (632 gpm)
  • Ability to handle up to 1,000,000 cSt
  • Temperatures up to 343°C (565°F)
  • Direct replacement part and pump interchangeability


  • Resins and Polymers
  • Molten Sulfur
  • Adhesives
  • Liquid Terminals
  • Asphalt Roofing
  • Asphalt Emulsion
  • Asphalt Hot Mix
  • Soap & Detergents
  • Edible Fats and Oils
  • Lube Oils

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Ebsray® general purpose application pumps utilize the renowned "internal gear" principle with only two basic moving parts. Ebsray offers a range of highly-efficient pumps that offer excellent self-priming capabilities, quiet operation, smooth and continuous flow, reversible flow, minimal maintenance, and simplicity. Internal gear pumps and helical gear pumps are available from Ebsray from a distribution network located throughout Australia, Oceania and Southeast Asia.

Blackmer Logo

Blackmer® manufactures the highest-quality industrial gear pumps for the safe and efficient transfer of high-value and hard-to-seal fluids. With a combination of patented and standard setting designs, our mission is to engineer the world's safest and most reliable internal gear pumps by understanding our customers' needs and providing unparalleled customer service.

E Series Magnetic Drive Gear Pumps

Our innovative E Series magnetically driven seal-less pumps eliminate seal leaks, reduce mechanical wear with its patented design features and safely guards site personnel and the environment.

E Series Brochure

G Series Internal Gear Pumps

Our G Series product line is a traditional mechanically sealed workhorse. The G-Series is part-for-part and footprint interchangeable with the widely used Viking 124/4124, 123/4123 and 127/4127A model series.

G Series Brochure

V Series Asphalt Pumps

Our V Series line is specifically designed for bitumen and asphalt transfer. The design utilizes unique engineering modifications enhancing the overall performance of the pump in very demanding hot mix and roofing and bulk transfer applications. Our V Series is part-for-part and footprint interchangeable with the Viking 32 and 34 model series.

V Series Brochure